Monday, June 27, 2016

Pool Side Beach Party Day 1

Its that time of year ...Summer, sun, beach and pool parties, friends, food and vacations! Today kicks off Day 1 of the Pool Side Beach Pary with some really fun stuff!...Including a giveaway, so you'll want to read to the end and you'll want to follow this tour really closely for daily giveaways! 

Before showing you teasers for today's posts I decided it was snack time! One of my favorite snacks to bring to the beach or serve at a pool party is fruit, here's something fun that I like to do. 

  1. Buy fruit that is local and in season to get the fresh tastes you love. In my area you can easily find strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, watermelon, and cantaloupe...pears, plums, apples, cherries...and the list goes on... 
  2. I like to get the kids to help because its so easy. Wash fruit and get the little helpers to randomly place the fruit on wood skewers. 
  3. Place on serving dish or in a plastic container for the cooler and done! 

Ok, I went a little tropical, obviously pineapple and kiwi are not local to Quebec but when your 6 year old begs you for them its so  much easier to comply when its so healthy and yummy.

I used a fish shaped plate because he fit the theme, heeeheee, he looks so grumpy!

Refreshing, healthy and all natural!

Teaser Time!

First we have Jessica from 5 Out Of 4 patterns showing us how to make only the coolest beach towel! Click here for full tutorial! These would make great gifts, I even want one for me!

You'll want to check out the Reef Walkers by New Horizon Designs that Courtney of The Wholesome Mama sewed up! The detail on those pockets is so original! I'm thinking that those pants would be really comfy for a day at the beach! 

Let's head over to Sew Happily Ever After! Linda sewed up the Satya romper by Jennuine Design... That face says it all, she is so ready for the beach in her little romper!

Now how cool is this cover-up that Christie of Blaverry made for her daughter! Go check out Christie's post to find out which one of her beautiful patterns she used! This is for sure something my girls would love to have after playing in the water and feeling like they need to warm up.

Go visit Ula over a Lulu & Celeste for Day 2 of this 6 day event!

Special thanks to our sponsors for the giveaways and discount codes!

Modkid is offer a 25% discount on all purchses in there shop, use the code "POOLSIDE2016" at checkout.
Sew Happily Ever After is offering a 50% discount on the Nana insulated tote, use the code "PoolSideParty16".
Phat Quarters is offering free shipping with all orders over $25.00! (sorry, US orders only). Use the code "SUMMER25" at checkout!  

Today you have a chance to win :

There will be a new giveaway with new prizes tomorrow!!
Unitl next time, xx.

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Friday, June 24, 2016

Pool Side Beach Party Preview Part III

OH Goodness! I just have to share some of these teasers, you'll get to see full blog post all next week as Ula of Lulu & Celeste and I host the Pool Side Beach Party!

For now...take a look at the original Yellow Polka Dot Bikini...go check out Paisley Roots on July 2nd. I just cannot wait to see the full blog post! 

And check out this super hero cutie! Any kid would be happy to have their own beach towel cape...I know I want one for me! You'll be able to see more on Monday, June 27th with Jessica from 5 Out Of 4

Ok just one more teaser...check out this fabric that Kelly from Handmade Boy used to  sewed up some swim shorts! These sharks are just so fun! You'll be able to read Kelly's post on June 28th! 

Once again a huge thank you to our sponsors! 

And here's the full list of bloggers, so don't forget to check them all out starting June 27th!

Until next time, xx.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Pool Side Beach Party Preview, Part II

As promised here's another sneak peek of what's ahead next week on the Pool Side Beach Party tour. 

I was thinking, what's a beach party without the proper accessories or even make them for your guests as party favors...Stay tuned because I'll be posting a short tutorial on how to make some of these fun hemp bracelets! 

Lulu & Celeste * 5 out of 4 * The Wholesome Mama * Sew Happily Ever After * BLAVERRY *  From a Box * Élégantine! * Wining Wife * Phat Quarters * Handmade Boy * Sew Sophie Lynn * Sprouting JubeJube * MCB Créations * Gracious Threads * Sew and Tell Project * Pear Berry Lane * Creative Counselor * Inspinration * Golden Rippy * Mahlica Designs * Filles à Maman *  Call Ajaire  * Cindy Parrett  * Adventures with Bubba and Bug  *  Paisley Roots 

More exciting news...there will be daily giveaways! Thanks to all our sponsors!

Plus we also got some great discount codes, just for you! Stay tuned!

Until next time, xx.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Pool Side Beach Party Preview

I'm so excited to once again team up with Ula of Lulu & Celeste to bring you this party event!
Starting on June 27th we'll be hosting the Pool Side Beach Party...along with 25 other bloggers! You'll be able to get ideas on sewing swimwear, accessoires and so much more!

Just a quick teaser...This one from Linda at Sew Happily Ever After. This little one seems to love her new Satya Romper

Can't wait to see more sneak peeks...come back tomorrow!

Until next time, xx.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Ollie & Nina by Blaverry

You've most certainly heard of Blaverry its time to sew one of their pretties up! 

Vous avez certainement fait connaissance des patrons Blaverry? Vous allez voir pourquoi je les adores! 

What you can expect from Blaverry, every. single. time.

  • Huge size range, patterns are drafted from size 2 to 16.
  • Layering to print only the sizes you need.
  • Nested pattern pieces for easy size blending.
  • Charts in metric and imperial measurements.
  • Fun designs that your child will love to wear and styles that are right on trend.
  • Step by step drawings included with tutorial.
  • 3/8" seam allowances included.

Avec les patron Blaverry on peut toujours s'attendre au suivant:
  • Les grandeurs disponibles sont de 2 à 16 ans
  • La possibilité d'imprimer seulement les grandeurs qu'on a besoin.
  • Les tableaux pour consulter les mensurations et la quantité de tissu requis sont en métrique et en impérial.
  • Des modelés que vos enfants aimerons porter.
  • Dessin fait a l'ordinateur avec les explications pour chaque étape.  
  • Valeurs de coutures 3/8" inclus.  

Meet Ollie, a sleeveless top featuring tow collar options and a hook and eye closure at the back. This is a great top to wear on its own or layered with a cardigan. The fabric is a 95% cotton 5% lycra that I purchased at my local Fabricville.

Voici Ollie, un beau petit haut avec deux options d’encolures et une agrafe a l’arrière pour la fermeture. J'aime bien simplement parce que on peut facilement l'agencer avec un gilet ou le porter tel quel. J'ai utiliser un tissu 95% coton et 5% lycra que j'ai acheter chez Fabricville.     

Nina is also sewn in a knit fabric. Again, a great stash buster if you're sewing from your stash seeing that you don't need a lot of fabric for it.

La jupe Nina est conçu pour des tissus extensible aussi. On peut facilement trouver dans nos réserve étant donner que ça ne prends pas une grosse quantité pour réaliser ce vêtement.   

The skirt has an a-line shape and the hem hits above the knee.

La jupe est ligne A et l'ourlet de la jupe est en haut du genou.

You really need to experience Blaverry patterns for yourself, I can tell you I'm hooked!

Je peux vous dire que je suis complètement accro au patron Blaverry!

Until next time, xx.

A bientôt, xx. 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Felicity by Peek-a-Boo Patterns

Looking for that fun summer it is! Amy of Peek-a-Boo Patterns has designed Felicity (affiliate link) a sweet dress with full back or halter top option.

Had issues taking photos of Miss Amelia seeing that she was quite upset the the dress wasn't hers. I thought she'd get over it with the promise of a treat, but not at all!

So we have some pouting and sulking because she LOVES this dress!

As usual with Peek-a-Boo patterns you get a huge size range (3 months to 12 years) nested pattern pieces for easy size blending, 1/2" seam allowance and all charts are in metric and imperial measurements.

Some of the design options include:

  • Full back or halter back (with shirring).
  • Knee length or maxi.
  • Button placket all the way down the front or just at front bodice.

I think the only way I can end this sulking is making her a dress of her own, which is a great idea since it is such a fun sew!

Until next time, xx.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Make Laundry, Don't Do Laundry Tour

These are my thoughts, you're in a time crunch, you have 3 loads of laundry to do, and you really don't want to do any at all, but you have an outing and you're favorite pair of jeans are in the wash and so is your go-to know the one that fits you so well and that makes you feel wonderful. You have time to one load of laundry, so in the jeans go, and during that time you make yourself a new top, using that go-to pattern...try and beat the clock!

SO instead of making 1 top, I made 3, using 3 different patterns. Each taking just under an hour including cutting time.

I started with the first  PDF pattern I ever purchased. Its the Seafarer Top by Sew Much Ado. Its an easy dolman style top with a few options available to the pattern.

The arm bands...I had them on there but after trying it on I just didn't like the way it looked on me and they ended up on the sewing room flood. So even with this ouuups it still took me under an hour.

And then I looked in my to-do pile and saw the Art Gallery fabric and I've been wanting to make E+M Pattern's top No. 27 (free pattern alert, get it in the facebook group E+M + You) since its been out, and I still had time on the here we go!

Another quick dolman top with cuffs at the sleeves, a facing at the neckline and curved lower hem.

This pattern is available in sizes 2 years - 10 years.
Ain't it cute!

Ok, so time to put the load in the dryer, so I guess that means I have time for one more...
Next on the list, the Free Spirit Tank by Patterns for Pirates.

I had to use two different fabrics on this one because I didn't have enough of that floral print, but I really like the way it turned out. I made the Hi-Low hem option with the racer back.

Feeling quite sassy in my new tank...I may have to put the timer more often!

**FYI: I'm told I'm a little very OCD when it comes to laundry and folding, everything has to be folded the "right" way, it must be fresh out of the dryer and still warm and don't mix up those colors and whites because I may ban you from my laundry room! ...I acutally love doing laundry, but don't tell anyone here!

Go check out the other stops on this tour...either you want to avoid doing laundry so you just make more clothes (to eventually wash, hate to burst your bubble) or set the timer like I have...I'm sure you'll be inspired! AND don't forget to enter the giveaway!

Until next time, xx.


Thanks to all of our amazing sponsors for being a part of this tour.
A few of the designers are having sales for the duration of the tour, so here's the codes!George & Ginger use code MAKELAUNDRY25 for 25% off her patterns Blaverry use code MAKELAUNDRY for 25% off her patterns Stitch Art use code MAKELAUNDRY for 30% off patterns Paisley Roots use code MAKELAUNDRY for 25% off patterns These codes are good through June 12th! Then Laela Jeyne's Emily Womens T-shirt & the Deluxe Charlotte Kids Leggings are on sale through the 11th! No code needed! I know everyone loves a good giveaway so here's the prize packages:
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