Wednesday, August 16, 2017

One Thimble No.16

Everyone knows how much I love the One Thimble e-zine (affiliate link). The themes are always so fun and most of the time have my imagination run off to far away places. Issue No. 16 will have you dreaming of the beach, clear waters, beautiful sunset and mermaids!

Of course you don't need to be at the beach to enjoy Issue No.16 of One Thimble and all the sewing patterns and tutorials included in this issue.  And by the way, if you want to win your own issue of One Thimble read to the end and enter the rafflecopter giveaway! 

So let's get to it  because once I did start sewing from Issue No. 16 of One Thimble I just couldn't stop! All the patterns are so fun, I wanted to sew them all! 

I started with the Hally Dress by Ainslee Fox. Such a fun summer dress!

I had Wonderful Things fabric from Art Gallery for just a short time, but it called to me and I couldn't ignore its bold beautiful flowers. I took a short cut and unsed pre-made bias.

This pattern comes in a huge range of sizes (sizes 1- 12), layering feature to print only the sizes you want, easy to follow tutorial and  step-by-step photos. This pattern was designed with woven fabrics in mind. I found the sizes ran a little big and had to shorten the straps for a better fit, but again JubeJube is slim and as a seamstress I always take into account that some alterations must be made for a perfect fit.

What I really love about this dress pattern is the original design of the straps. It makes the dress so delicate and sweet.

Next up the Triton Tank and Scuttle Shorts both by Ainslee Fox Boutique... Both great basics for a summer wardrobe.

What I liked:

  • Huge size range (1-12) for the Triton Tank and (3-12) for the Scuttle shorts
  • Layering feature to print only the sizes you need
  • Tank is a fast sew, no extra options but so easy to go add an appliqué, like Meg the mermaid featured in the One Thimble No.16.
  • Short have two length options and also a colour block option.

I found once again the sizes ran a little big and that especially the Triton Tank has large armhole openings so I layered it with another close fitting tank top. I think we can certainly chalk it up to JubeJube being on the slim side. One thing that will help you make your size selection is that the finished garment measurements are available and looking back I could have gone down a size in the width and kept the same length. 

Both patterns were designed for knit fabrics. I used a light weight rayon spandex knit blend for the top and a french terry for the short.

The Pearlie dress by Peach Patterns is one of those easy to make and easy to wear dresses, designed with knit fabrics in mind. The sleeves are a short dolman style sleeve and the skirt is a shirt style hem with the back being slightly longer that the front.

This isn't a deal breaker for me but the layering feature isn't available on this pattern, so all sizes (1-12) get printed out at once.

I reversed the order a little and the first thing I did was put the pocket on the front bodice and then for the rest of the assembling I used my serger. I used a twin needle for hems and top stitching at the neckline.

Amelia chose the fabric for this project and has been wearing it straight out of the wash everytime she can since I've sewn it up. I think she'll need a couple of these for back to school.

Want to know more about this issue... Here's the scoop:

There's a bunch of fun dress up ideas! Going back to Issue No. 13 and the One Romper by Fille à Maman that was featured in that issue, easy costume ideas for Halloween, book day, character day dress up day at school, or simply dress up for fun were explored. And while we're on the subject of dress up, included in Issue No. 16 is an easy felt mask by Candice Mason over at Rose Petal Collection.Go check it out, I'm sure you'll find more than half a dozen project you can't wait to try! 

I can't give away all the details of One Thimble No.16 but go check out the other stops on the inspiration tour. 

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Friday, August 11, 2017

Caroline Party Dress and Pink Flamingos

Ce n'est pas la première Caroline de Mouse House Creations (lien affilié) que je confectionne. Cette robe a un style classique que j'adore. Amelia était débordé de joie de voir une si jolie robe juste pour elle et elle adore les flamants roses! 

This isn't the first time I make a Caroline Party dress by Mouse House Creations (affiliate link). Its a true classic. This one was for Amelia and she was just overjoyed to get such a pretty dress with flamingos no less! 

Les tissus et merceries sont disponible chez Club Tissus. Vous pouvez maintenant magasiner  sur le nouveau site web et faire livrer chez vous! Le tissu est un coton léger un peu satiné donc il est vraiment confortable, idéal pour l'été. J'ai décidée de doublé la robe en entier, la crinoline est amovible donc elle va pourvoir être sous une autre robe.      

All fabrics and notions are available at Club Tissus. The new website is up and running and you can now have your favorite fabrics shipped to you!  The fabric is a light weight cotton  with a sheen to it. I decided to fully line the dress for more structure and I also made a crinoline that can be worn under other dresses.

Il y a cinq mètres de tulle pour la crinoline. Je croyait qu'il était pour m'en rester mais non, c’était parfait.

I used five meters of tulle to make the crinoline, it may seem like a lot but really its not. 

J'ai utilisée un fermoir invisible à l'arrière, le placement du tissu pour cette robe est tellement important. Je voulais être certaine de bien enligner l'imprimé.

I used an invisible zipper at the back, and fabric placement was so important to make sure the flamingos lined up just right. 

Since the beginning of summer vacation my kids have been spending a lot of time up north near Mont-Tremblant. I've been doing a lot of back and forth so I've been getting a lot of sewing done, but its not always ideal when you need your models to be around. This was a now or never moment. The dress had been sewn for some time now and instead of waiting to get Amelia back home, I brought the dress to Amelia.

Vous pouvez voir la première Caroline ici, c'était en décembre 2013 et vous allez remarquer qu'Amelia n'était vraiment pas intéressée à jouer au mannequin.

Take a look at the first Caroline I made Amelia way back in December 2013... you'll notice she wasn't such a cooperative model back then.

Until next time, xx.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Hip Hop Tank Tour

Two fun tank tops in two different versions, all that and more as we take a look at one of Tami's first patterns.

I made a Hip Hop Tank by Love Notions (affiliate link) for each of the two girls, JubeJube got a simple version with a bit of a twist and Amelia got the version with buttons down the back.

I used a poly cotton blend knit for Amelia's top and I found some buttons in my stash that were a perfect match. The boots with the shorts, all her idea and I wasn't about to argue with her since she willingly wanted to be photographed with JubeJube.

The details on the button back version were easy and didn't take that much extra time to put together. I was able to put both tops together in an afternoon and both girls were so happy to have a fun new top for the summer.

JubeJube's tank top is made from a rayon spandex blend, with a lot of stretch. I used a print for the front and a solid white for the back she actually wanted it that way.

The Hip Hop Tank pattern includes the layered printing feature so you can print only the sizes you want but since it is one of the first patterns Tami released there are no trimless pages, something that is available in the more recent patterns.

There are two more options on this pattern, a tulip back and a gathered skirt with an empire waist. The Hip Hop Tank is also available in women's version which also includes a sleeve to the pattern so that its work appropriate.

In the end I think this is a great pattern to create some fun summer looks in just a short amount of time, and the girls each have a couple more fabrics selected for me to sew up more tank tops.

Its time for a giveaway... win a $50.00 credit for the Love Notions online shop. You can't win if you don't enter, so what are you waiting for!

Take a look at the other stops on the tour. You'll get to see more girls' version, ladies' styles and some fun hacks! 

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Summer Fun Series - Under the Sea

I've been taking it easy this summer and sewing up a lot of the fun things. This time its all about rag dolls with a fun summer theme. Great for JubeJube and Amelia to play make believe on those rainy days and the  project isn't too  involved that it takes so long to finish off. 

I have no merit here I have to admit, its all Heidi & Finn and the Under the Sea rag doll mermaid pattern. And you can also find in the Heidi & Finn Etsy shop the dress up wardrobe patterns for the dolls. 

To start off, it was a lot of fun to have the girls select fabric from the bin of left overs. Most of the pattern pieces are fat quarter friendly so these dolls are great scrap buster projects. Then it was about selecting the hair styles and clothes to put on the dolls. 

They did have to be a little patient while I sewed the dolls up, but after that it was all about who would use the mermaid first. So glad they agreed they needed to share! 

There are a few other mini pal sets available through the Heidi & Finn Etsy shop, all of them equally as adorable. And there are also dress up sets to be able to mix and match outfits. Last but not least (something on my to-do list) there's also this cute little carry all bag for a doll and clothes. 

Now that JubeJube has an interest in sewing she could actually get one of the outfits sewn up with a little bit of help. These patterns are great beginner friendly projects. 

Now time to go check out the other projects in the series! Enjoy your summer! 


  Handmade Fish Toss Game by Patchwork Posse Kids Hat Pattern/Tutorial Round Up - Made by Sara Cute Dolls - Sprouting Jube Jube Ruffle Knit Play Dress - Bonnie and Blithe Cactus Cross Stitch by Story Piece Free Boys Shorts Pattern by If Only They Would Nap Travel Tic Tac Toe - Straight Stitch Designs Dollhouse Rag Rug - Once Upon a Sew Be sure to check out all the other summer fun posts over at Life Sew Savory

Until next time, xx.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Dress up this Town

This month with Sewing By Ti-Blog Tours is a little different... We're all showing off dresses and read to the end because there's a giveaway! 

I've come to realize that my go-to patterns for something easy, comfortable and great fitting, without any guessing games come from Patterns For Pirates (affiliate link). 

This is the Sunshine Dress, cross over bodice option in maxi length. 

Just a few things to expect from this pattern and any other pattern you may purchase from the Patterns For Pirates website:

  • No trim pages. That is a huge bonus when you're in a time crunch or you're sewing while on vacation and don't want to deal with extra tools to bring along in your bags.
  • Layering feature. Print only the sizes you need or want.
  • Nested pattern pieces to be able to redraft pieces if you fall between sizes or need a large at the bust line and medium at the waist.
  • Easy to follow instructions with step-by-step photos.
  • 1/2" seam allowances. 
  • All charts are available in metric and imperial measurements. 

The fabric is a rayon lycra blend with a lot of elasticity (more than 50%) from Club Tissus. Club Tissus has a brand new website and they now ship within Canada,  to the United States and if I'm not mistaken they also do international shipping. Something worth checking out! 

Check out more summer dress sewing inspiration on the other stop on this fun tour hosted by Ti! 

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Week 1: July 1st-8th
1- Sewing By Ti ,  Stitching At Night
2- Me Made
3- Tenille's Thread
4- Sewing By Ti
5- Seams Sew Lo
6- Anne Mari Sews
7- Sea of Estrogen
8- Lulu and Celeste

Week 2: July 9th-15th
9- Living in Twinado Valley
10- Ma Moose
11- My Heart Will Sew On
12- Seams Sew Lo
13- Kate Will Knit
14- Creative Counselor
15- Sewing With Sarah

Week 3: July 16th-22nd
16- Stitching and Making
17- That's Sew Lily
18- Sprouting Jube Jube
19- Auschick Sews
20- Anne Mari Sews
21- Lulu and Celeste
22- On Wednesdays We Sew

Week 4: July 23rd-31st
23- Stitching At Night
24- Sewing Curves
25- My Heart Will Sew On
26- Indulging Mum
27- That's Sew Lily
28- Adventures With Bubba and Bug
29- Capture, Craft Cook
30- Sewing By Ti
31- Sew Like a Sloth

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1 Pattern Designer Stitch
$10 Shop Credit to Patterns For Pirates
$10 Shop Credit to Simply By Ti
1 Pattern Sisboom

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Its Hot in Here! The Swimsuit Edition

Today is a bit of a double duty post...2 tours 1 post Its part of The Swimsuit Edition Tour but also part of Ti's monthly tours.

I now I really don't have an excuse not to have more fun in the sun! Swimsuit No.2 which is the Agility Tank and Riptide Shorties by 5 Out Of 4 patterns.

At first I was concerned that this pattern wouldn't make the best swimsuit due to the amount of fabric on the tank top, but I really wanted something to hide the not so pretty results of having 4 kids. I know its a fact of life and just about everyone who's had kids have these warrior marks, right?! The amount of fabric doesn't weigh the suit down but I would suggest wearing it if you plan to win a swim race.

I also love how high the shorties go, they are really highwaisted. And the coverage on the butt is perfect!

I just want to quickly touch on all the options in the Agility Tank pattern. Seriously so full, including instructions on how to put in cups, on how to make it nursing friendly and what fabric to use to get the best suppport, because obviously it can also be used to make workout outfits paired with the Ninja leggings.

Be sure to check out Ula's post and round up of The Swimsuit Edition Tour and check out the other stops on Ti's tour. Both schedules are listed below, along with giveaways and an Instagram contest!

Today's sponsors are Raspberry Creek Fabrics and Gracious Threads... go enter, its super easy wit rafflecopter!

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Two ways to enter: Enter the Grand Prize Rafflecopter, and/or post a swimwear item you’ve sewn on Instagram. Readers can enter more than once on Instagram but must use a different photo/different sewn swim item per entry. (Ie. multiple photos of the same outfit only count as one entry). Items allowed: swimsuits and swim coverups for the entire family (women, men, children). To enter on IG: Post your photo and use the hashtag #TheSwimsuitEditionTour and tag @luluandceleste and @deborahzaleski in your post. Items can only have been sewn since the beginning of June 2017. Closes July 2nd 11:59pm EDT.

Prize: Phat Quarters $25(USD) gift card + Boo Designs $100(AUD) gift card + Sewing by Ti -$20(USD) gift card + Made by Jack's Mum - swim pdf pattern bundle

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Here's a list of the full tour schedule. For full giveaway details go check out Lulu & Celeste!

Monday, June 26
Tuesday, June 27
Wednesday, June 28
Thursday, June 29
Friday, June 30

Image may contain: fire, night and text

June 2nd- Sewing By Ti

June 5- Stitching and Making
June 6- Doodle Number 5
June 7- That's Sew Lily
June 8- EYMM
June 9- Ma Moose

June 12- Tales from a Southern Mom
June 13- Robynne and the Bobbin
June 14- Hazelnut Handmade
June 15- Anne Mari Sews
June 16- On Wednesdays We Sew

June 19- Tenille's Thread
June 20- It's Liesel
June 21- Lillie Pawillie
June 22- Needles to Say
June 23- Sewing By Ti
June 24- Fox Flower Lane

June 26- Indulging Mum
June 27- Creative Counselor
June 28- Sprouting Jube Jube
June 29- Anne Mari Sews
June 30- Sewing By Ti

Until next time, xx