Wednesday, September 17, 2014

EYMM Hoodie Blog Tour

I can't believe it, look who made it on my blog! My son, Sebastien, is sporting the Asymmetrical Hoodie by EYMM (affiliate link). I haven't made him anything for so long (except for PJ pants) and he was actually looking forward to getting the hoodie all sewn up so he could wear it.

You can get your own copy of the PDF pattern  at a discount with the code "hoodiesrock"  at checkout and this code is good for the  Zander's Hoodie & Hooded Vest, the Boy's Silhouettes Reverse Applique Pack, and pre-orders of the His & Hers Asymmetrical Hoodie (its still in testing and should be available Sept.23).

Most of Kymy's patterns are for confident beginners, but this pattern is more for  intermediate level sewing. The zipper installation is quite easy and well explained but sometimes it could take more than one try to make everything line up just perfectly.

I love seeing the magic of this hoodie come together.  The design of this one is very different than any hoodie I've ever put together. 

This face is telling me, ok mom, enough with the photos already.

Check out the other stops on the tour! I promise there's something for every one!

9/19 – Babysweetness
9/21 – BabyFish Designs
9/22 – Sewn to the Core

Until next time, xx.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Self Drafted Hoodie

Ever procrastinate about something because you're too affraid of messing up? Well, yup that's me! Many months ago (actually 2 years) a friend of mine asked for a hooded  sweatshirt, handed over her fabric and talked about the basic style she wanted me to make.

We pinned ideas on pinterest and I started drafting. I made a muslin, adjusted little things for fit...added princess seams, adjusted a little more...and when it came time to cut into the good fabric I froze! I just couldn't bare the thought of messing up. Maura, being an artist herself understood the anxiety  I was feeling and was so encouraging and so I made the first cut!

The design features princess seams in the front and back a lined kangaroo pocket and a mega hood that crosses over in the front and finishes off in a point.

Seeing how comfy it looks I may just have to make one for myslef!

Until next time, xx.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ruby Jean's Closet: Adele Re-release

Ruby Jean's Closet has just  re-released Adele featuring more options! The updated pattern is now available in their Etsy shop.

That bib is what first attracted me to this dress, its shape is so unique and there are so many possibilities for different looks using different fabric combinations.

Updates include:

  • More sizes! Sizes range from 1 to 10
  • 2 lengths, below the knee (mid calf) and maxi
  • Updated instructions
  • Sweet appliqué pockets have also been added

By the way, those buttons, I got them at a wonderful online store...Anny May has a really wide selection of wood buttons, coconut buttons and other eco friendly items!

Now back to Adele! 

Love the vintage style of this dress, and I find it really suits my dreamy faced JubeJube. 

Until next time, xx.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

All You Need Jammies, a Heidi and Finn Design

You know what, kids grow...I realized it when I started taking out the fall clothes (yup, its that time of year) and found that Amelia only had 2 PJ's that were warm enough for his time of year, she had out grown the others. And guess who put out a tester call for a jammies pattern about 10 days ago...Heidi &Finn! So yes, I applied and I got to test the new All You Need Jammies pattern by Heidi & Finn! And even better, the pattern should be released today!

There are so many options to this pattern that it is really the only PJ pattern you will need if you like sewing with knits!

I started out by making what Amelia had picked out...the penguins! I had limited amount of the penguin fabric so I paired it with a left over stripe fabric from another project. I made the full t-shirt with the leggings pants with cuffs.

I kid you not, 40 minutes to make top and bottom to this little PJ set.

Both items are made slim fit, but comfy. I made a size 3, the size recommened according to the size chart.

For the next one I made the lounge pants with the gathered tee and a short sleeve, again in a size 3. The pants are a little more roomy, some of the testers have even tried it in a woven and said that if they go up a size that the fit it perfect. I haven't tried it myself but if I do I will be posting about it!

And I couldn't leave out JubeJube so I made her the matching nightgown, she's all about nightgowns now so she can feel like a princess even when she goes to bed. The nightgown is also included in the pattern so no need to try and figure out how much to lengthen to the top, its already done!

Here are some of the pattern details:

  • Size range is from 12 months to 12 years (the toddler sizes are split from the big kid sizes. This is done to ensure proper fit/grading of the pattern)
  • Designed for knit fabrics
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Endless options for boys and girls: full tee and gathered tee (short, 3/4 length and long sleeves, with or without cuffs, nightgown, lounge pants (or shorts), you can mix and match till your heart's content!
  • Made using aboout 1.5 yards of fabric depending on size and style

I really can't believe I got them to stand that close together with out and pulling or shoving, they must really like those jammies!

Until next time, xx.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Adding Pockets to Dress Pattern No.13 by E+M Patterns

I hope by now you've all seen the new Dress Pattern No.13 by E+M Patterns, I posted about the dress here. If you haven't purchased the  pattern by now you'll have a new reason to want it. This has become one of JubeJube's favorite dress patterns because its so comfortable, but now with pockets added to it...look out!

Read to the end and don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for a copy in PDF form of this pattern! YAY!!! Thanks Allison and E+M Patterns :)

This is what you'll need for this project:

To get started trace out the required size of the inside lining of the hip pocket to the pants pattern. Cut 4 of them out of the contrasting fabric, 2 for each side. 

Using your zipper foot on your sewing machine stitch the piping to the pocket as shown in the image. You'll want to clip the piping just a bit to make it easier for the piping the follow the sharp curves. If you want extra information on how to apply piping you can click here to an earlier tutorial that I used piping in. Just skip this step if you don't want to apply piping.

Lay pocket pieces with right sides together (RST) and stitch the edges leaving the side seam open. Clip corners and use pinking sheers to trim seam allowances in the curves. 

Turn right side out and press. Lay pockets on the front of the dress. To make sure the pockets are even measure from the unfinished hem to the bottom of the pocket. For a size 4 there is 4.5 inches from the unfinished hem to the bottom pocket. Once pleased with the pocket placement top stitch the pocket into place leaving an opening for hands and your child's small treasures.

Now you're ready to assemble your dress following the Dress Pattern No.13 tutorial. 
For even more fun, you can use the back pockets from Pants Pattern No.2 and give your project a new look! So fun when you can mix up patterns like that and get more bang for your buck! 

Until next time, xx.

Oh! And don't forget to enter the giveaway! Thanks E+M Patterns for another great pattern!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, September 5, 2014

Dress Pattern No.13 by E+M Patterns

Sometimes the smallest details can make all the difference. Ever wonder about lining up plaids or other prints to make a seam look seamless? While I was testing Dress Pattern No.13 for E+M Patterns I thought of only that, making that center back seam disappear. I'm going to show you a quick way to make sure your prints can line up so that your handmade garments have that seamless look. By the way, Dress Pattern No.13 is now available for purchase, YAY! and its only 4.00$ instead of 8.00$ for the next few days, so act now if you want to get a great pattern at an awesome price!

Start by tracing your pattern pieces on a light non-fusible interfacing because you can easily see your fabric print right through it. Next, line up you fabric so that the print matches up perfectly. The fold on the fabric is where you want your seam to be and the blue arrow represents the seam allowance or where you want to place the edge of the back pattern piece (for the center back).

You can see right through my traced pattern piece to see the print of the fabric and how I placed the pattern piece to line up my print and added the 1/2" seam allowance. Once I'm sure of the placement of the pattern piece I can then cut out the fabric.

When ready to sew the center back seam following the pattern tutorial directions make sure to pin your pieces in place matching up your print. I would suggest hand or machine basting to make sure everything lines up. If the print doesn't match up, no worries, simply pull your basting thread out and start over until you're completely satisfied with the way the fabric lines up.

when you're happy with what you see, stitch into place and press your seam open, finish off the seams as indicated in the pattern tutorial. Its does take a little more time to make sure plaids and prints do line up, but its so worth the time and effort. Do remember it may also take a little extra fabric to make your prints line up.

This is just one little detail that could make a sweet little dress like this one a little more of a challenge, and sometimes a challenge is what we need to improve sewing skills.

Here are some of the pattern details:

  • Size range is from size 2-10
  • Lined bodice
  • Sleeveless, perfect for layering
  • Elastic at the waisline with faux ties
  • Easy to follow step by step tutorial
  • For woven fabrics
This fun little dress can also be paired with the free leggings pattern available in the E+M Pattern shop! 

Incase you're wondering, this fabric is from the stash, it was pruchased a year ago and I'm so glad I saved it to use it on this pattern.

Until next time, xx

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Elegance & Elephants and the Ponderosa Dress

This is the soon to be released pattern, Ponderosa Dress, by Elegance & Elephants...I've been a fan since I first saw the Bubble Shorts so when I was scrolling down my facebook feed and saw that Heidi wanted to do one last round of testing I pounced to be able to sew up this pretty! 

I used a knit fabric that I found at my local fabric store. The quality, amazing! It was imported from Holland but so worth the price! Amelia loves the little criters printed on the fabric and there was a coordinating stripe fabric available to for the under part of the bodice.

This dress in perfect for the colder weather with its long sleeves and two layeres of fabric at the bodice. The knee length perfect for layering with leggings or tights.

Yup, that's a cookie you see in her hand, I had to bribe Amelia to get this early morning shoot done, but then she didn't want to take the dress off, I guess she got to have her cake cookie and eat it too.

Until next tme, xx.