Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Boys Can Wear Pink - Season 4

I've been aching to make a shirt for Sebas, my oldest. I've also been wanting to take photos of him, he hates the camera. Well I think I was able to have get my cake and eat it too. And to top it off, I got to sew from my fabric stash and use vintage buttons. What could be better... Oh yeah, he likes his pink shirt and he looks fabulous in it! 

Let's start by talking about the pattern. I used Burda 7045, a paper pattern. I've come to trust sizing with their patterns, after all I've been using Burda for so many years. The fit tends to be European, on the slim side, just what I needed. I used the style with front and back darts and the sport collar.

The fabric, funny enough has been in my stash for a couple of years. It was originally to make myself a shirt. So glad that didn't happen because this color just looks so great on Sebas. The fabric is a wonderful polyester with cotton bengaline, so its easy to care for. And I mentioned vintage buttons... I got them from a shop in Montreal when I was playing tourist with a friend visiting from BC. Most expensive buttons I've EVER put on a shirt, but they are just amazing... you can see them on my instagram post here!

So now, JubeJube and Amelia have been talking, since the beginning of the week, about Pink T-Shirt Day at school. The day that teachers and staff at school talk about being a friend and not the bully. And yes even the boys wear pink. So you can imagine how happy they were to see their big brother wear pink. We need to remove gender association to colors. We need to stop saying pink is for girls and blue is for boys. It's funny how other colors don't get that gender association... yellow, orange, green...

So there you have it, a pink shirt, with vintage buttons for my son.

Take a look at the other stops on this fourth edition of Boys Can Wear Pink. So many fun project!

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  1. I love it! I sew vintage 50's style shirts for my 14 yr old son and the same 90s style pants pattern I used for my 36 year old son! Thanks for the tip that Burda runs slimmer. My son needs a slim fit too. I love seeing sewn clothes for young men! I quit sewing for my oldest boys when they hit 12. I want to sew more for my 14 yr old as he grows, hopefully even into adulthood!