Wednesday, November 13, 2013

DIY Rag Doll Elf

A friend of mine, Elena from Just ME,  got me hooked on the idea of creating our own Holiday Elf with these wonderful dies for rag dolls from Clear and Simple Stamps. I loved the idea of making slight alterations like adding the elf ears and adding length to the legs and arms.

Are you ready for your close up Mr. Elf!

The first thing we did was cut all the pieces out. That alone was tons of fun deciding how long the limbs should be and what these little guys would be wearing. 

The following session we started the assembly of the little elfs, again with much giggling as the dolls came to life. 

I was able to draft some overalls for our new little friends. I used grey suiting scraps, just perfect for the look we wanted.

Here is! His hat is an upcycled sweater, I used the sleeve and just tied a knot to close off the hat at the top. His scarf is some left over fleece that I had from another project.

His extra long arms are just perfect for slidding down poles or to hang of light fixtures or curtain rods.

Do visit Elena's blog, Just ME, for ideas on how to introduce this fun little guy to your kiddos. If you want your very own Holiday Rag Doll Elf do visit my facebook page and message me, I will have details posted there in just a few. The beauty of these little guys, no two will be the same. I just love the idea of each one being unique by their clothing, accessories and thier facial features.

Until next time, xx.

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