Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cupcakes All Around!

Who here doesn't like cupcakes?  How could you not! To help celabrate 4 years of Sprouting JubeJube creations I've set up my famous cupcake template, yours to use for free, but please don't sell it as your own design.

This is what you'll need to create your appliqué:
  1. cupcake template (right click on image to download)
  2. 2 fabrics (1 for cupcake top and the other for cupcake base)
  3. Heat N Bond
  4. iron
  5. coordinating threads, sewing machine...
Here we go!

                        photo cupcaketemplateappliqueacute2_zps544d9009.jpg

What I like to do is cut out a square in the fabric I've chosen, stick my Heat N Bond to the back of the fabric then cut out the shape I need (in this case cupcake top and base) with all its little details. Its just easier to make sure the entire back of your shape is covered with Heat N Bond. Follow manufacturer's directions for using Heat N Bond.

Once your shapes are cut out and the backing removed, iron the cupcake base in place.

Set your sewing machine to zigzag, I usually set mine to about 4 in width and a little bit past 0 for the stitch length to create a satin stitch. I also take a little bit of pressure off my presser foot, it just makes it easier to move my fabric along those curves. Another little trick is to put a sheet of paper under you work, it helps stabilize your design as you sew around your appliqué, just rip off the paper when done sewing.

Time to set your cupcake top. Iron in place like you did for the base.

You can simply do the contour, or add a little dimension to it like I did where the icing seems to overlap.

This cupcake was put on a hooded towel, but it can also be used on bibs, sweaters, onesies... Just remember if this is your first try at appliqué to go slowly and try it out on some scraps before doing it on your good stuff. Have fun!

By the way, more fun celebration stuff all week, like maybe a giveaway to be announced on Monday and other fun things...

Until next time, xx

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