Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sasha's Top a design by Everthing Your Mama Made & More

I got to test Sasha's top by Everything Your Mama Made & More and I wanted to blog about it becasue the first time I tested for Kymy it was a nightgown for me and trust me nobody needs to see photos of that! Visit Kymy's pattern store for more patterns and tutorials, I know she'd love to have you stop by!

JubeJube was very excited about this one because she chose her fabric and did she ever pick the right color! This is a very loose dolman type style so its basically a front and a back with shouldler seams and side seams...easy peasy to sew up, even with the two girls asking me for snacks every 5 minutes.

Sleeves are to the elbow and elastics at the arms waist and neckline. In the pattern you also get tunic length, and dress lenghts. 

If you like this and are wanting a top like this for yourself, go to Kymy's pattern shop and pick up the Natasha for yourself.

Until next time, xx.

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