Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Happy Days Knock Offs & Costume Hacks

This project took on a life of its own through window shopping and online shoppping. I fell in love with the look of this dress and what would I happen to have in my stash...yes I bought it for me, and it didn't stay in my stash for very long, but I think this is the fabric came close enough to the original and Amelia loves it! Here is my segment of the tour featuring patterns by MandyK Designs.

Here is the original dress on the Forever 21 website. Nothing fancy and its not high end like other designers, infact it may have cost me more to make this one than to buy it from the store. With a knock off I do get custom fit and I get to line up my prints just right. Later this week I have a few more knock offs to suggest to you. 

I used the Happy Days Dress for this one. I added length to the sleeves and a little cuff. I also used the instructions for a gathered skirt instead of the pleated skirt. I left off the collar and instead of fully lining the bodice I made a facing for the buttons, button holes and the neckline for a nice finish. 

I thought since most of the stops on this tour are showing Halloween costume hacks that I should at least treat Amelia to some candy. We stopped at this wonderful little candy shop and they were open to the idea of some shots in the store. Thanks to the wonderful staff at Kandju for making us feel welcome! 

Un gros merci au staff de Kandju au Dix/30 pour l’accueil! 

For the duration of the tour don't forget to shop MandyK Designs and get a 30% off your whole order, use the code "MKDblogtour2015" at checkout! 

Sibling Revelry * Wining Wife 


  1. awesome job!! And to think you had that perfect fabric in your stash! Love when that happens.

    1. Thanks! I love when I have everything I need too. I usually sew at night so if I'm missing something I have to wait till the next day and I'm a little impatient that way.

  2. Pretty! I love the fabric you used, and lucky Amelia! All that candy :) I'll have to check them out next time I'm at Dix30, :)

    1. Its a really nice little shop! lots of canday!!