Monday, February 22, 2016

Amare by Sofilantjes

This is the sweet Amare tunic by Sofilantjes*. I've been itching to get started on my spring and summer sewing and Amare is my starting off point. 

After reading here, you might want to go to Anne's blog at Sofilantjes for details on hand sewing Amare and a giveaway! 

I used a classic hound's tooth print 100% cotton by Michael Miller for this one. JubeJube chose her fabric and I thought it was the perfect selection.

I just love the details of the bow at the front, the shape of the neckline. Buttons close up the back. In the pattern you can also find a dress options and also an options for ties to create a bow at the back.

The pattern has an amazing size range from 12 months to 12 years and also has the layering feature to print only the sizes you need and want.

Go check out the details of hand sewing at Sofilantjes. I used the blind hem stitch and the ladder stitch to sew the lining to the main garment.

Until next time, xx.

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