Thursday, June 8, 2017

Twig & Tale: Cozy Toes

Keeping toes warm and cozy can also be fun with Twig & Tale patterns. I sewed up very cute pair of Tie Back Boots as  slippers for JubeJube. As of now she hasn't seen them so I bet she'll be surprised when she gets home from school.

I'm sometimes fascinated how a project can evolve. Cutting flat pieces of fabric to sew together into something with curves and dimensions.

Into something that can be useful or decorative. I know for a fact these boots will be used up until nothing is left of them. For some reason this child is obsessed with keeping her feet covered, even during the summer time.

I used an organic cotton double knit by Birch on the outside with skid proof fabric on the sole. the inside is a cotton lycra jersey. So soft and cozy that I want a pair for myself, which FYI, the adult version of these boots in now available!

I used a natural color twill tape for the front to keep the ties in place and the ties are pieces of knit fabric cut into strips and braided for a chucky look and some added texture.

I was in bit of a time crunch to get these out so I was really pleased with how easy and quickly they came together. The Wild Things criters would take a little more time with all the beautiful details but they do make great gifts for children. They're also great stash busters! Everything is from my stash and worries as to if I had enough fabric.

I will have to make another pair for Amelia, and you know she will ask for a critter so I'll keep you posted on what she decides.

The best place to find round up and other information is directly on the Twig & Tale website, blog posts and patterns are all available right there for tons of inspiration! Remember to use the discount code " COSYTOES" for all footwear for an extra 15% off at checkout!

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  1. They looks so cool, I love the braided cord and those soles! You just had that in your stash? I still have to find myself some good sole material!

  2. I love these! Braiding fabric is so fun!