Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Bridal Shower

This weekend was a big deal, I hosted my sister's bridal shower. Of course I didn't do it alone, thank goodness for bridesmaids that work well as a team! We certainly can bake up a storm!

The planning started with a guest list and Paperless Post. I'm usually a paper and pen kind of girl, I don't believe technologie is a friend of mine or a time saver, but this time I thought I'd give Paperless Post a try.

Browsing through the invitations  for different events I came across the one that really caught my eye and made the necessary edits that were pertinent to my event... which by the way went really smoothly.  Sent myself a test copy, made a few more edits and it was ready to go! (follow this link *here* to get a look at the different invitations offered!)

A couple of features that I can really appreciate on the website is the menu set up to keep track of who got the invitation and who responded. You can message guests and guests can also write on a public board. A couple of days after the event I recieved and email from Paperless Post asking me how the bridal shower went and asking if I'd like to send thank you cards to my guests. Now, how great is that...yes I know its automated, but what a great reminder when a thank you card is the right thing to do.

Now, more about the party!

We decided on a theme and colors... mint green with a hint of peach with a rustic theme. Elena of Just ME made all the paper craft decorations to add her special touch.

Just about everything was home backed and I have to admit it was all beautiful and all very yummy!

Even the French macarons were homemade...I'll tell you about that adventure another time.

I hope that my sister, bride-to-be, felt spoiled and pampered on her day. She certainly will make a beautiful blushing bride. 💗

Until next time, xx.

* Disclaimer: I received a budget from Paperless Post for the purpose of reviewing the website on my blog, but all ideas and opinions are my own! 

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