Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Using Bias Tape to Trim a Receiving Blanket

Some have recently asked me how to use bias tape, so I thought that I'd write up about it and at the same time make an easy handmade Christmas gift for a little lady.

I know I'm starting by the end, but the whole point of using bias tape is what the end result will look like. I love this print, makes me think of snowflakes and I love the way the bias tape makes the blanket looks crisp and clean and pretty.

This is what I started out with...flannel and bias tape. I cut out the fabric to the size I wanted the blanket to be, usually 44 inches by 37 inches, and used a 10 inch round dinner plate as a guide to round out the corners  of the blanket.

So there you have it, a huge spool of bias. I buy it in large quatities because I just hate having to run to the store in the middle of a project because I didn't buy enough, but you can also get it in small packages of about 3 meters. You can also get it in different widths for different projects.

Notice how the tape is folded in two and again in two on each side. 

Once completely folded along its length you will notice that one side is slightly wider than the other, and there is a perfectly good reason for that...and here it comes...

For best results you start with the wrong side of you fabric and the side of the bias that is the smallest. Don't start right at the edge of the bias, so that when you've made it around your blanket you can simply fold over the tape (like in photo #2) for a nice finsh. Stitching right in that fold line is very important when you go to sew on the "right" side so take you time. When you've sewn completely around cut your thread, check your work to make sure all is perfect and that you won't have trouble folding over your bias. 

So you're half way there! To finish off, fold over twice (photo #1 and #2) and remember you want to hide the seam that you see in photo #1. Place you project under the presser foot and away you go another time around your blanket. Snip your threads and press all the way around for a nice clean finish.

All done! The bias tape not only adds to the style but also to the durability of the blanket and your baby will love it as she becomes a toddler.

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