Friday, January 3, 2014

Knit Leggings by Whimsy Couture & a Girl and her Doll

Just before Christmas Whimsy Couture revamped their leggings pattern, and I'm so glad they did. I managed to get a pair done but haven't had a chance until now to "sew and tell". I made these at 2 in the morning, just to tell you how easy they are to make even with fatigue setting in, but I had nothing but quiet in the house. Paired the leggings with the Boho Tunic from here, and there you have it, a comfy little outfit!

Just love those ruffles down by the ankle!

Today JubeJube decided that we needed to take pictures of her (I had just finished a mini shoot with Amelia for another project I worked on). How could I say no. I dressed her up in the same little outfit and minus the Christmas tree. She also insisted on a handmade rag doll (The same pattern I used to make all those elves)

Love those toes!

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