Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2014 in Review

There's no easy way to just blurb about the past year. As I looked back to prepare this blog post I realized how much the girls have changed. I also noticed a trend in the styles I most love to sew and how the most popular posts were also my favorite. I thought that I should just round up the most viewed post every month for the year.

January 2014: Adjustable Waistband on Skirt No.1 by E+M Patterns

Almost a year ago today Allison posted her first tester call for the Twirly skirt (it was later renamed Skirt Pattern No.1) and I fell in love with her design! Many more patterns have been created by E+M Patterns since then, all as adorable and fun to sew.

February 2014: Pansy Dress by Ruby Jean's Closet

This one is a classic right from the get go! Ruby Jean's Closet patterns all have special details, you'll want to sew them up over and over again!

March 2014: Spring Line 2014 by My Little Plumcake

In March My Little Plumcake released 4 patterns. Michelle designed these patterns for all types of fabrics including silks and satins. The end result was just beautiful! I think my favorite has to be the Maddalie Dress that I made with an embroidered light weight cotton.

April 2014: Skirt Pattern No.5 by E+M Patterns

In April another post featuring a pattern by E+M Patterns had the top views, skirt Pattern No.5. This blog post also managed to get 103 pins on Pinterest! Ok so we love our skirts!

May 2014: Vintage Baby Romper by Whimsy Couture

This romper by Whimsy Couture is just the cutest thing, and I was so sad when Amelia grew out of it. Let's just hope that this summer she'll want another one, fingers crossed.

June 2014: Sweet Jane by My Little Plumcake

Oh Sweet Jane! The perfect summer time dress!

July 2014: Name That Dress

The name that won Allison and I over was The Secret Garden Dress.

August 2014: Sew Sweet Bear by Ruby Jean's Closet

You may recall Pansy from Februrary, in August I made the Sew Sweet Bear to match the dress. Amelia still loves her little bear made from the pattern created by Ruby Jean's Closet.

September 2014: Adding Pockets to Pattern No.13 by E+M Patterns

This was the most viewed post for September, and it was also the most worn dress in JubeJube's wardrobe. Adding pockets to kids clothing is always a good thing!

October 2014: Another pattern hack No.15 by E+M Patterns

Last year we saw a lot of hi-lo hems, well with the help of Pattern No.15 by E+M I created a tunic with a slight hi-lo for Amelia...and this fabric was just perfect for it!

November 2014: Iggy Learning Doll by Ruby Jean's Closet

Love this doll, and so does Amelia. Learning to zip zippers, button buttons, and tie laces has never been this fun since Iggy came to be.

December 2014: Weekend Dress by Amelie & Henri

My most viewed post in December was the newest pattern by Amelie & Henri, the Weekend Dress. This was also the dress JubeJube chose to wear Christmas Day.

So there you have the top posts of 2014,  so much more to come this year.
Until next time, xx.


  1. I love all of these. Beautiful work!

  2. I like how you did a top post for each month! Stealing that for next year. (If I remember!)
    Thery're all so pretty!

  3. So many pretty things last year! Love them all. Your sewing is beeeeeautiful!