Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ultimate Wallet by So Sew Easy

I've been looking high a low for the perfect wallet. I know my wallet never seems to have enough space for all those cards I need to carry. I think I may have just found what I needed in the Ultimate Wallet a pattern by So Sew Easy.


With this wallet I have space to put identification cards for JubeJube and Amelia, my identification, credit cards/ bank cards and gift cards (I love those!) and I still have a couple of spaces left open.

There's an ever practicle change pouch and other little pockets on either side.

The next time I make this pattern I will make this pocket a little deeper so that papers and cash are not so close to the top, but everything does stay nicely in place when the outside flap is snapped tight.

I spent more time ironing than sewing, but so worth putting in that extra time to make sure everything is well pressed. I did some topstitching for all the little card pockets, that step was not included in the tutorial. I used two snaps instead of one, I just felt that it would help keep that flap closed.

Just to let you know, I did get this pattern for free in exchange for the review, but all opinions are my own! I'm going to need one for every season to match my purse you better believe I'm going to get use out of this pattern.

If you like this pattern go visit DIY Crush, the perfect place to shop patterns for sewing, cross stitching, kniting and crocheting.

Until next time, xx. 


  1. Cute little wallet. Love your fabric! :)

  2. Thank you for this wonderful review for DIY Crush!!! Love the wallet!

  3. Love it! I just made it, and all of my cards found a place. If I had to do it again, like you said, the top pocket deeper, and maybe use something for inside fabric: the cards slide easily (in particular when I took my money on zippered pocket). Thanks for your review! :)

  4. I made this wallet. I agree that the card pockets could be less wide so the cards fit more snuggly (ran a line of stitching vertically across the pockets to make the pockets smaller), unless you are going to put multiple cards in each slot, but then why would you need so many slots? ;-)

    I added a small strap to go across the open top end to make sure cards and bills don't fall out. Next time I might forego the snap flap altogether and make a strap, flap, or elastic that goes around the wallet top to bottom. I carry it with the zipper facing down. Nothing should fall out that direction even without the flap as designed. I thought I had positioned my flap well, but it ended up off center. Still works, just not as perfect.

    I also added loops at the top and bottom edges so I could put a strap on it and carry it as a shoulder bag. So I end up carrying it with the zipper facing down. I just used grosgrain ribbon for the strap.

    Next time I would make sure that I position the front and back set of pockets further from the center, as the edge of mine tends to get crimped in the middle and fold over.

  5. Also, I took the above recommendations and made the bill pocket deeper. You never know, I might want to stick something larger than bills in there, like receipts, notes, etc., as that is the largest pocket in the wallet.


  6. Looking for suggestions on holding the cards in. I'm considering various options. On my first wallet, I just made a little strap from back to front across the top that velcros to the front under the main flap.