Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ultimate DIY Bundle - Sewing Norah by Mouse House Creations

Norah by Mouse House Creations (affiliate link) is one of the patterns featured in the Ultimate DIY Bundle*. I had to make one so I took out some activities for the girls and got my Norah pattern together. 

I let Amelia pick her own fabric then went through the list of options to know what she wanted.
  • Long sleeves or short sleeves.
  • Dress or top.
  • Collar, collar with ties or no collar.
I love letting the girls choose what they want me to make. This is not at all what I would have chosen for fabric but Amelia is quite happy about her new top, and this means she will get some wear out of it.

I really do love this pattern, it was the first one released by Mouse House Creations and I'm still so honored to have been a part of the testing team way back then. You may even recongnise Amelia's little face in one of the testers' photos at the end of the e-book. Hayley makes sure that everything is just perfect when her patterns are released so no need to worry about the quality of the pattern.

Tomorrow I will show you something else featured in the bundle that I hope you'll enjoy. If you haven't purchased you bundle yet make sure you do before time runs out! You do get a combined 76 e-books and e-courses in the Ultimate DYI Bundle* for one really low price.

Until next time, xx.

*Disclosure: I have included affiliate links in this post. Read the fine print about this bundle and read the answers to frequently asked questions about the bundle.

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