Sunday, May 17, 2015

One Thimble Issue #7, Down the Rabbit Hole

Issue #7 of One Thimble is filled with so much fun and make-believe for the kids, but also a couple of fun patterns for moms too. It was love at first sight when I saw the Alice Applique created by Ric-Rac & Retro. 

I used a t-shirt as the applique's canvas, but it can be put on just about anything, a bag, pillow or blanket. These little appliques are really great for those little pieces in your stash that you just can't bare to throw away.

My first thought was just to purchase a t-shirt and add the applique to it, but then there's so much work that goes into the applique with all those tiny details that its best to work on it as a flat surface then finish up the garment.

I did go and put my own spin on it, in the end my applique doesn't look like Alice, she looks more like my own JubeJube, but that's the fun part of being creative. I also used a lot of zig-zag satin stich for the contour of the different parts. This project just had a mind of its own and I went with the flow.

The tutorial is so full of great information to get super results like the use of Heat and Bond and other fun products to help stabilize your fabrics. There's also this great chart included with the tutoral to help you scale down the size of you Alice to make her as small as you want. The one I made was scaled to 100%.

To check out more from the One Thimble Issue #7 go visit these other blogs, I tell ya there's some great inspiration there!

Until next time, xx

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  1. Pinned this, I love fabric art & you did an amazing job with this.