Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Adding Pockets to Dress Pattern No.13 by E+M Patterns

I hope by now you've all seen the new Dress Pattern No.13 by E+M Patterns, I posted about the dress here. If you haven't purchased the  pattern by now you'll have a new reason to want it. This has become one of JubeJube's favorite dress patterns because its so comfortable, but now with pockets added to it...look out!

This is what you'll need for this project:

To get started trace out the required size of the inside lining of the hip pocket to the pants pattern. Cut 4 of them out of the contrasting fabric, 2 for each side. 

Using your zipper foot on your sewing machine stitch the piping to the pocket as shown in the image. You'll want to clip the piping just a bit to make it easier for the piping the follow the sharp curves. If you want extra information on how to apply piping you can click here to an earlier tutorial that I used piping in. Just skip this step if you don't want to apply piping.

Lay pocket pieces with right sides together (RST) and stitch the edges leaving the side seam open. Clip corners and use pinking sheers to trim seam allowances in the curves. 

Turn right side out and press. Lay pockets on the front of the dress. To make sure the pockets are even measure from the unfinished hem to the bottom of the pocket. For a size 4 there is 4.5 inches from the unfinished hem to the bottom pocket. Once pleased with the pocket placement top stitch the pocket into place leaving an opening for hands and your child's small treasures.

Now you're ready to assemble your dress following the Dress Pattern No.13 tutorial. 
For even more fun, you can use the back pockets from Pants Pattern No.2 and give your project a new look! So fun when you can mix up patterns like that and get more bang for your buck! 

Until next time, xx.


  1. That is a beautiful dress, what a great mash up of the two patterns. Gorgeous.

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  7. This dress is so cute, love the added pockets...!! Thank you for the giveaway...;o}

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