Saturday, September 13, 2014

Self Drafted Hoodie

Ever procrastinate about something because you're too affraid of messing up? Well, yup that's me! Many months ago (actually 2 years) a friend of mine asked for a hooded  sweatshirt, handed over her fabric and talked about the basic style she wanted me to make.

We pinned ideas on pinterest and I started drafting. I made a muslin, adjusted little things for fit...added princess seams, adjusted a little more...and when it came time to cut into the good fabric I froze! I just couldn't bare the thought of messing up. Maura, being an artist herself understood the anxiety  I was feeling and was so encouraging and so I made the first cut!

The design features princess seams in the front and back a lined kangaroo pocket and a mega hood that crosses over in the front and finishes off in a point.

Seeing how comfy it looks I may just have to make one for myslef!

Until next time, xx.

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