Saturday, January 9, 2016

2015 in Review

I'm starting off by wishing everyone a wonderful 2016! Thanks for coming back time and time again to see what I've created. I thought it would be fun to start off the new year by looking back at some of my favorite projects from last year. I have so many I enjoyed making and also photographing that it was a bit hard to select only a few.

The biggest project that I had to sew up for Julia last year was her back to school wardrobe. The Back to School Capsule has a total of 14 pieces and was fun to try and make everything work together as a collection for mixing and matching. A little sad that a lot of the pieces don't fit anymore, but its to be expected. 

One of my favorite shoots was the one with the featuring the Block Party pattern by Mandy K Design. This day was magical with its sudden rain storm en route to destination and clearing up as we got to the park. 

Moving on to celebrations...Last year Sofilantjes celebrated their fist year of pattern designing and I use her very first pattern , Summer Surprise, to create a fun look for both Amelia and JubeJube. 

We also celebrated Canadian Designers and I discovered Victory Patterns and sewed up soemthing pretty for me! 

We also had our sweet little Julia AKA JubeJube turn 6 while we were on a little vacation. 

I had made JubeJube the Peggy Swimcap by Filles a Maman and the Waikiki Swimsuit by Peek-a-Boo patterns. It will be safe to say that I,ll have to make a new one for this summer.

My favorite pattern hack from last year was adding pockets to E+M Patterns No.19 Dress. This little dress ended up being JubeJube's favorite summer dress.

The last few months I have done a lot with PDF patterns by The Handmaiden's Cottage*, they have become some of my favorite. Just love the vintage style of these patterns. 

Elizabether & sweet!

...and Lucy. Both these patterns stole my heart! 

This was my year...Feel free to comment with some of your favorite projects of 2015. 

Until next time, xx. 

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  1. I love what you made! I made need to try a few myself, altho one grand daughter is getting to the point where she prefers store bought, I still have one to sew for. Thank you for sharing