Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Fun Wardrobe Basics: Socks

You know when you go shopping at one of those high-end stores and they whole fun outfit including the matching socks is out on display and it makes you want to buy the whole kit and caboodle. Yup, that's me. I've always wanted to add the matching socks to outfits I've made the girls and insted settle for plain neutral that wont stick out like a sore thumb.

I've found the answer thanks to The Wolf and the Tree patterns. Well no, actually Saskia has found the answer for me by creating a sock pattern! This is the Abby Trailblazing sock pattern and can be found in their Etsy shop.

I have to admit that I was just a bit worried that the girls would complain of discomfort with the seam, but no, not at all. Infact when JubeJube put on the first pair she exclaimed how comfortable they were and wanted to wear them to school.

I made the knee high option and for the first pair I used cuff method and sewed them up using only my regular sewing machine to see how that would work out. The sock itself is a rayon blend and the cuff is a cotton lycra blend. Love the results and love that with Saskia's instructions are so clear on how to create these socks with just a plain machine.

I figured that if I'm going to try this pattern our properly I should also use the fold over hem option with the elastic.

I also decided to use my serger for these, just to see how that would work out...I may never buy another pair of cute socks again, I'll be able to make them without wondering if the pattern will work out.

Sizing is also very easy to figure out...measure your child's inseam and foot length and done! The chart is very clear. AND the layering feature is available on this pattern too so you only print the sizes you need and want. The size range on this pattern is from 0 to 14 (a total of 17 sizes!). Along with the knee high socks you also get the higher over the knee sock option, bobby and crew sock length, baby legs and leg warmers. If you don't want to be printing out all those style there's a fun little printing guide to only print out the styles you want to sew up.

By the way, The Wolf and the Tree just released the Going Rogue Sock pattern, adult sizes! I may just have to make some for ME now!

Just so you know, I did get this pattern for free for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are my own!

Until next time, xx


  1. Love your fabric choices! My kids love their socks. I agree this is one of the easiest pattern to follow.

  2. Super cute! I need to sew some up now!

  3. Floral pattern socks are beautiful! Funny socks can match with anything.