Sunday, June 1, 2014

Last Day of Preschool

In September 2013 Julia started preschool. Last week she graduated from preschool and will be off to kindergarten in September 2014. Its all good becuase she is so ready to learn, and she's the type of child that loves to entertain and needs to be entertained all the time!

I hadn't realized just ho much my little JubeJube had grown and changed over the past few months.

I'm so ready to spend a wonderful summer with my kids, after all the teens are just getting older and soon will have their own things going on (yes I'm in denial, because its already happening) and the little ones are getting older. I'll be making a summer bucket list with some activities for the family and other activities for each individual. Its not always fun for the teens follow us, I came to the conclusion that big kids have passed the petting zoo stage. I will get my bucket list ideas up in the next week or so, stay tuned for that.

Until next time, xx.


  1. She is such a lovely girl. I've loved seeing all her photos! A bucket list sounds like a great idea. Hurry up and make yours so I'll have one too. :P

  2. Oh! She's grown so much! so sweet! Is she wearing the Maddalie dress in the second pic?