Friday, August 22, 2014

Free Leggings Pattern by E+M Patterns

Last week E+M Patterns released a FREE 3/4 length leggings pattern up on their website, YAY for free patterns! Sizes range from 2-10 and the fit is really nice.
I'll be showing you how to add a cute little ruching detail to the leggings.

To get started you'll need:
  • E+M Patterns Free leggings pattern, you can get it here!
  • 3 inches of 1/4" elastic for ruching
  • Measuring tape
  • Fabric marker
  • Tracing paper or light weight non-fusible interfacing 
  • All materials listed in the pattern supply list in the pattern tutorial

The first thing I like to do is trace my pattern pieces. In this case only one piece :) 
Since there is no side seam to these leggings, measure out where you want to have you ruching detail. I like mine to be a little more to the front rather than on the side so I made sure to go 0.5 inches more towards the front of the pattern piece to mark off my elastic placement.

Cut out fabric and transfer markings for elastic placement to the wrong side of you fabric with fabric marker. Cut your 3 inch elastic in 2 so that you have 1.5 inches for each side. Just a suggestion, place your elastic 0.5 inches above the hemline so you don't have the extra bulk of the elastic to turn over when you hem your leggings.

Set your machine to a width 3 zigzag stich and length can stay at 3. On the wrong side of your fabric, backstitch starting closest to the hem working your way up stretching out the elastic as best as you can. Finish off your seam with backstitching to secure your elastic in place.

This is what the right side of the legging will look like.

Now you're ready to finish off the leggings as directed in the free pattern by E+M Patterns!

Enjoy the free pattern!
Until next time, xx.


  1. That's so funny. I was just thinking this morning how Vanessa needs a few pairs of leggings. BTW my girls have the same flip flops. They love them!

    1. Go pick up the pattern! Its free, and its a great fit! Maybe Allison will even draft a pattern to make them long ;)