Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sewing From My Stash

My stash has grown...out of control! I've decided to take matters very seriously and not buy ANY fabric for all of August and sew from my stash to try to make a dent in what I already have. Its crazy how much we can actually buy and put off using. I see a good deal and I have to have it and then I think well what if I change my mind and I need just a bit more to finish off the project so I buy just a bit more.

This is just a little look of what I have, and this photo was taken a year ago, so yeah the stash has grown since then. A friend of mine was over the other day and suggested that I give sewing classes and supply the fabric so that suggests to  me that its really, really bad! 

Through the month of August, as I post, I will be letting you know how long I've been hoarding the fabric. August is going to be a long month, wish me luck, I'm already itching to get into a store and buy new fabrics! Oh, and no ordering online either! Anyone game to try this with me? 

Until next time, xx.


  1. Wow, wishing you luck... My stash is getting over the top as well, so the resolutions sounds familiar to me, however, I haven't had success in keeping it up yet ;-) Good luck!

  2. I love the way you store your fabrics, do you hold them with a pin after wrapping them like that?

    1. Thanks, I found it was the best way for me to see what I have. I don't pin them in place just wrapping them on a piece of cardboard keeps them in place, I'm affraid with a pin I'll end up with holes in my fabrics.