Monday, August 25, 2014

Sewing From My Stash: Update

Some may be wondering how sewing from my stash is working out for me. Its actually been a little of a challenge for some projects, but its also been very rewarding to see the pile of unused fabrics get smaller.

I have to admit I had to cheat once but it was for a good cause, it was for the Off the Shoulder top I made for the EYMM Think Fall Tour.

I may just have to keep sewing from my stash all through September too, I have a yards of flannel just yelling out at me to become PJ's and as it turns out JubeJube and Amelia are in some serious need of PJ's too. So I'm off to sew a few PJ sets for the girls and I might just let you in on what patterns are my favorite.

Until next time, xx

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