Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Day 2 Moto Jacket Sew-a-Long - A PDF by Jennuine Design

Day 2 is here and I'm ready to get cutting! 

Just a few things you want to remember before you start cutting into your much loved fabrics:

  • Are you making your jacket for a boy or girl, left over right for a boy, and right over left for a girl, The right and left front pattern pieces are not the same!
  • Are all your pattern pieces the required size for your model. Yes its happened to me, I've cut a size 4 front and a size 5 back, lucky for me I was able to fix that.
  • Make sure you lay your pattern pieces the right way for directional fabrics and they are all following the grain line.
  • Do all your required pattern pieces fit on your fabric, it would be ashame if you forgot just one piece and didn't have enough fabric to finish off your project.
Ok, I think we're ready to cut! I still get nervous when I start cutting into fabric...and I've been doing this for so long! Silly question here, and I'd love to get your comments on this, do you still get nervous when cutting into fabric or are you over that?

These are the fabrics that I'll be using. A heavier denim for the outside, soft cotton flannel for the lining and I'm going to upcyle a knit sweater and use the ribbing for the cuffs, neckband welted pockets. This is going to be one sweet looking jacket!

What to do if your zipper is just too long, that's an easy fix, but if your zipper is just a bit too short you will want to go and get something a little longer, at the same time pick up a couple of zipper stoppers, you'll be able to ask a sales associate for those at your local fabric store. (You'll see the little stoppers in the image below). Page 5 of the pattern tutorial has all the information you need about shortening a zipper. Jennifer has also set up the video tutorial on shortening zipper on her website. You'll want to make sure you have the tools you need just make your life easier and get it done.

Zipper teeth can be easily removed with a small pair of pliers and the new stoppers can be placed at the right height for the length of zipper you need. Some may wonder, but do I really need stoppers, the answer is YES! There's no way around it. 

Join us tomorrow, we start sewing! Yay, I can't wait!

By the way, still time to join in on the fun, join the Jennuine Design Pattern Group and grab your pattern in the Jennuine Design* pattern shop for only $6.00 using the code "MOTOSEWALONG" at checkout.

Until next time, xx.

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