Friday, December 4, 2015

Merry Modkid Tour Featuring Charlotte

So glad to be of the Merry Modkid Tour! I instantly fell for Charlotte when I saw the cover to the pattern. Here's my Charlotte on Amelia.

Don't forget to go all the way to the end of this post for the giveaway!

I didn't make changes to the pattern pieces, but I did play around with the button sizes and ended up using two big buttons and a small handsewn snap for the front closure instead of the recommended 6 buttons.

The fabric is Subtle Blooms from Free Spirits from the Pirouette collection. It was supplied to me by Christine over at Threads and really need to go check out her Etsy shop with all the gorgeous fabrics in it!

The bodice is fully lined so one would think that its a huge project. Infact, this was fairly quick considering having to sew up two bodices and the belt detail at the back.

There are many options to this pattern and I went with the short sleeve as per Amelia's request, the belted back rather than the tied sash, tunic length with the inseam pockets.

The instrustions to the pattern are so easy to follow with multiple drawings to accompany the steps.

I added the detail of the lace at the front but didn't have enough to go around the neckline and I also would have wanted some at the lower hem, but when you're sewing from your stash you use what you have and try not to go out and buy more.

This is what you get when your 4 year old wants to go outside for pictures in the freezing cold, you follow her and let her do her thing...She was saying that she loved her pockets because the kept her warm, Ha!

I did get the pattern for free for the purpose of the tour but all opionions are my own!

The coupon code MERRYMODKID25 at checkout and gets 25% off an entire order at the Modkid Etsy shop, valid Monday 11/30 through Friday 12/04 at midnight EST.

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  1. I would not of thought of creating a tunic version. I love this!! Great idea for the buttons too.

  2. Love it! What a great pattern and I love how you used the lace, fabric and buttons together. So cute!

  3. beautiful fabric, especially on your girl with those brown eyes! and i LOVE this pattern. very sweet!

  4. Lovely! Exactly what I love: lace and floral!!!