Monday, December 7, 2015

Day 1 Moto Jacket Sew-a-Long - A PDF by Jennuine Design

Welcome to Day 1 of the sew-a-long featuring the Moto Jacket by Jennuine Design! Very excited to sew this one up with you. It brings me back to the first time I sewed up a really cool jacket (ummmm quite some time ago) and when my son Sebas had grown out of it he was really sad to the point he said he didn't want to grow anymore... just to give you an idea of its cool factor (he changed his tune quickly enough when I made him a new jacket).

Ok so back to our Moto Jacket and what we need to get done today!

First, if you haven't already purchased your pattern now is the time to get it! Jennifer has created a coupon code for you to use in her pattern shop Jennuine Design*. Use the code "MOTOSEWALONG" to get the pattern for only $6.00. If you want to be able to share your creations in a group setting, don't be shy, join the Jennuine Design Pattern Group on facebook.

Today is the day we get everything ready. I like to make sure I have everything I need so I don't have to stop what I'm doing and make a run to the store. Take a look at page 3 of the tutorial for a complete list of materials and notions needed to make this project.

I like to start off by throwing the fabrics that need washing into the washer. While the fabric is being taken care of I print off my pattern and tape it together. When a pattern has a layering feature like this one (infact all Jennuine Design patterns have that feature) I like to print one size up and one size down especially when I know I have to blend sizes or I'm unsure as to what size I need to make for my little model.

Lets talk about choosing sizes. You'll find both these charts in the tutorial on pages 3 and 4. The first chart is the chest meaurement your model has, and not the final meaurement of the garment. If you want to make clothes that fit go according to the meaurement, not the size they wear in store bought clothes. To give an example, for both my girls I buy ready to wear (RTW) clothes in a size 6 or 6X, BUT that's only becaue I need the length (especially on pants), and the waist ends up being really big on them. When I make their clothes I usually make a size 5 and end up adding a couple of inches to the length so that they don't end up looking like they're wearing floods. Sometimes I have to do more than add a couple of inches to the length of the pattern to make a garment that fits; here, and here are a couple of examples of blending sizes.

The chart of finished measurements is also another fantastic tool to make sure we're making the right size. By looking at the finished length of the jacket you can tell if you need to add a couple of inches. What I like to do is meaure the finished length of the size I want to make against my model and decide if its the right length for them, AND if its the right length for the style! Remeber this jacket should not go down to the hips, this style is meant to hit just an inch or so below the natural waistline.

Somethings that you need to consider in your planning:

  • Are you making this jacket for a boy or girl. Girls have jackets close right over left and boys jackets are left over right. You'll need to cut your pieces accordingly (I'll mention it again on day 2 when we cut fabrics)
  • Size, do you need to blend sizes for a better fit. If you do need to blend sizes don't forget you will also need to adjust the pocket placement to make sure the opening isn't at an awkward position on your jacket and make sure its done on both right and left sides of the jacket.

Tomorrow we'll be cutting out fabrics and talking about zipper length and how to adjust it if its a bit too long for your garment. Remember its always easier to shorten a zipper than to make it longer, heeeheee.

Until next time, xx.

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