Sunday, March 22, 2015

English Rose: Sew Along

I have a whole bunch of information for a sew along over at MandyK Designs. First, let's start with the discounts for the English Rose dress pattern and fabrics over at Allegro Fabrics. A sew along is a fun way to get involved and to ask questions regarding each step so if you need some help there will be someone to answer questions or clear up issues if you're not too sure about what to do. At the end of it all there will be prizes for actives participants! Prizes are always fun, right?!

Get started by purchasing your English Rose dress pattern for only 6.00$ (regular price 8.95$) until the end of the day (March 23rd 2015). To get the coupon code for fabrics at Allego Fabrics join the MandyK Pattern group. Its a special discount for the purchase of fabrics for the sew along. You can also join the sew along event page to be able to ask questions and see everyone's progress. Not to mention the prizes every day for active participants.

I'll be following up during the week with my progress on my English Rose Dress and on Friday I'll be showing off my finished dress. Its sure to be stunning with such a beautiful pattern.

Until next time, xx.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Catching Up March Break

My goodness! I haven't posted since February 22nd!

Its not because I have nothing to post about, I've actually been busy. Plans for a new pattern, sewing for my mother. I also have a few projects for clients that I've been working on.

My Amelia turned 4 on March 1st.

Then there was March break at my aunt's in the Mont-Tremblant. Relaxing yes because no normal day to day business, but my aunt did break her wrist. We joked about most people on vacation will visit museums or châteaux but we went on a tour of hospitals. She went on her first ambulance ride and got her first cast, she also ate her first poutine (famous in Quebec...Fries, gravy and cheese). 

Stay tuned because I will have sewing related news very soon!

Until next time, xx.