Friday, May 30, 2014

Vintage Baby Romper a Design by Whimsy Couture

Vintage Baby is the newest pattern in the Whimsy Couture pattern shop, and you know me and vintage I had to get my hands on it!

 I used Michael Miller's Bella Butterfly in pink for this little number. 

The back of the bodice is 3 lengths of elastics all in cassings so no need for shirring. Love that the pattern has instructions for snaps at the crotch for the smaller sizes. The pattern has sizes 3 months to size 6 years included.

You may have noticed Amelia's rain boots, we've been getting a lot of rain, the umbrella was just in case the started up again. 

And I leave you with my favorite shot of the day.

Until next time, xx.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Backyard Space Revamp

This is not my usual post about sewing, but I like to blog about making life prettier. That's exactly what I did with my sister today...made a backyard space a little prettier.

Tanya and I started out with a pretty sad looking space.

So yes, some green but no real color besides a few dandelions...bright side, all that green will soon be daisies! 

We spent the morning shopping for flowers that required full sun, some herbs for the soon-to-be herb garden, and pillows for the chairs. We had all the pots and we needed that the little bistro table was already there. 

Love all the pretty colors we chose...and the herb garden...smells so fresh.

A little oregano, parsley, dill and basil. We put the mint in its own pot since it tends to spread fast. 

While some worked hard to get this space together...
Other's had snacks.

We were able to repurpose this little table for the potted mint and chives.

The space is coming together!

Comfy pillows to finish it all off.

I'll take some photos in a few weeks when the tomato plants have started to grow and the daisies have bloomed, its going to be even prettier!

Until next time, xx.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Summer Surprise Dress and Tunic a Design by Sofilantjes

This season for the Aspiring Designers Challenge I was able to test the Summer Surprise Dress and Tunic. Read up on the other Aspiring Designers on Pattern Revolution's blog (FYI giveaway on their blog for this pattern!). This is the first pattern for Annemeike, and she has released the pattern in both Enlglish and Dutch. Get your copy in her Craftsy shop, or Etsy shop. Also read up on Annemeike on her blog!

So comfy for the girls to wear during the summer months, and from the front it seem like a very plain knit dress, but...

Here's the surprise!

And it was so easy and fun to make that I just had to make one for JubeJube too.

Wishing all the best to Annemeike with her first pattern and to many more patterns in her future.

Until next time, xx.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Memory Quilt

I wanted to share a special project that I had the honor and privilage to work on. I was commissioned to work on a memory quilt for a sweet girl for her 13th birthday. I had two shopping bags full of clothes all associated with this family's momories.  Something of her parents, her aunts, her grandmother and great grandmother, her baby sister.

I was really excited to do this project because I remember, as a child, my mother and aunts sitting around a quilt my grandmother had made talking about where the different fabrics were from. A dress from a special occaision, or fabric left over from a great-aunt or great-grandmother.

This is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, I mean who am I to decide what's important to this wonderful little girl, what will mom think of the way I chose to cut out precious family memories. I knew that I had to make it pretty and it had to last through wear and tear.

Trying to make all those pieces match up, measuring twice, and no room for mistakes. I took on piece by piece, stitching seams, pressing then top stitching for durability. I spent so much time ironing!

I was so pleased with the end result, this is only a little peek. Only once I got word that the birthday girl loved her new keepsake was I able to breathe. 

Thanks for putting this special project in my hands and letting me share it with others!

Until next time, xx.

Piper Sew Along Wrap Up

Last week was the sew along featuring the Piper Summer Romper by My Little Plumcake. Don't forget about the prize pack for those who post their photos in the My Little Pluncake facebook group, up for grabs is 2 FREE MLP patterns (winner's choice) and a set of 4 fat quarters. You'll have until Wednesday the 21st of May to post your photos. Oh and yes the pattern is still 25% off, up until the end end of the month in My Little Plumcake's Etsy shop (no coupon code needed!)

The first romper I made was for Amelia, but JubeJube was asking me for one too. I could not disappoint...

I was able to get a few photos as the sun was setting. I changed up the straps to make thin ties so it would be easier for her to dress herself and not a ruffle in sight, but not to worry, I still added some cute little details on the bodice, and pockets. 

and one last look at Amelia's romper...

If you want to take a look at the work that went into making these rompers here you go!
Day 1 (click here) 
Day 2 (click here)
Day 3 (click here)
Day 4 (click here)
Day 5 (click here)

Until next time, xx.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Day 5 Piper Summer Romper Sew Along

Today is is the last day and all this hard work will finally all come together!

Very quick recap, you can still get your pattern at 25% off regular price in the My Little Plumcakes Etsy shop, and you can also ask to join the My Little Plumcake facebook group to share your creations and have a chance to win 2 FREE patterns by My Litttle Plumcake and a set of 4 fat quarters.

So now you have a bodice from Day 3 and your bottom from Day 4...Today we put them together!

Pin your bodice to the shorts with right sides together making sure you match up the side seams. 

The seam allowance will be a little wider seeing that an elastic casing must be made. I have to admit that I didn't have any 1/4" elastic, as recommended in the pattern tutorial,  so I used 1/2". My seam allowances were 1 inch and the second one at 1/4" to give myself enough space to insert the elastic. Next time I must remember to bring my shopping list with me and not leave it on the kitchen counter.

Before stitching the ends of the elastic together, if you can, try the romper on your model to make sure the elastic is the right length. Close up the casing opening and finish off the raw edge with a zigzag stitch or serger.

Because I used a 1/2" elastic I felt that there was a lot of extra fabric around the waist that could make the romper a little uncomfortable, maybe even itchy for little ones with sensitive skin so I pressed the seam allowance up towards the bodice and top stitched the casing to the bodice. 

Assembly is complete, now onto the finishing touches.

I used 3 snaps, I wouldn't recommend using less.

I was on the fence about the straps this is what I came up with. For the older girls that dress themselves I would suggest just straight, it just makes life easier for them (and you). Ties are also fun, but not always easy when your 4 years old.  

I decided on crossed back. Made the buttons holes and hand stitched a couple of buttons in the inside.

And here are the results of about 4.5 hours work, give or take. You can take a look back at everything that went into making the Piper Summer Romper.
Day 1 (click here) 
Day 2 (click here)
Day 3 (click here)
Day 4 (click here)

This was so much fun for me, I hope you enjoyed it too. If you have any questions or comments about this project (or any other project), please feel free to post them here, I'd love to hear from you! 

Until next time, xx.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Day 4 Piper Summer Romper Sew Along

Its Day 4 and yesterday we saw our bodice take shape! Today we're working on the bottom part of our romper, and I've included steps to add snaps at the crotch for easy diaper change! 

 Just incase you missed it: Day 1 (click here), for Day 2 (click here)and for Day 3 (click here). Very quick recap, you can still get your pattern at 25% off regular price in the My Little Plumcakes Etsy shop, and you can also ask to join the My Little Plumcake facebook group to share your creations and have a chance to win 2 FREE patterns by My Litttle Plumcake and a set of 4 fat quarters.

So lets get those pockets ready to be applied to the back of the shorts.

I simply used my serger to finish off the top edge fo the pockets and folded them down an inch.

I decided that I needed to add a little but of the border to the bottom part of the pocket so that it would be fully framed out. The pocket placement should have been marked on the fabric (shorts back), but I always like to check before stitching them on by measuring the top and the sides to make sure they'll be symmetrical. 

There are many way to secure the pocket at the top, some use a tight zigzag stitch, I like to used this little triangle method. Its all up to you.

Once your pockets are stiched into place you can stitch your front and back middle seams. 

Now for the crotch with snap options...grab those little 3 X 2 inch pieces I had you cut out and then put interfacing on...Fold lengthwise and press with wrong sides together. 

Place along inseam and stitch at 3/8" seam allowance, press seam as seen in photo 2 towards the placket, and finally in photo 3 you see I've tucked in the raw edge of the placket and simply finish by top stitching into place.

You may notice that the placket is longer that the inseam, simply trim the excess off. 

Once both plackets (one for the front and one for the back) have been stitched to the inseam of the shorts you can now stitch the side seams.

I once again used my serger to make a rolled hem on my ruffle, you can also fold 1/4 inch and again 1/4 inch and top stitch to finish off the ruffles edge. I then made the short edge match up like the placket by foling 1/4 inch and again 1 inch. I'll be using it as an extension to the placket.

Use along stitch for gathering, distribute the gathers evenly along the bottom edge of the shorts, stitch into place, finish off with a zigzag stitch or serger and press the seam allowance up towards the shorts. Top stitch. Repeat for the other leg.

Everything matches up and now your ready to apply the snaps!

Tomorrow is our last day!  We'll be sewing the bodice to the shorts, inserting the waist elastic, applying snaps, making buttonholes where needed (if needed), and adding the final touches!

I'm so looking forward to trying this romper on Amelia!

Until next time, xx.