Saturday, June 28, 2014

Lost Bumblebee Gets Her Sew On

I'm so excited to share something with you today! I've been chatting with Melissa of the Lost Bumblebee and she has put together for you a collection of prints to hang in that sewing room! All you have to do is go to her blog and you can download them for FREE! You can also share them on social media, but make sure to share the love and share the link!

I've been a huge fan for some time now so while sipping your morning coffee take the time to browse Melissa's blog and I'm sure you'll become a fan too. Her blog is full of free prints, some funny and cute, others are inspirational quotes. You can also head on over to her Etsy shop, and work with Melissa on something a little more personalized.

Thanks Melissa, can't wait to get these printed up and in my sewing room!

Until next time, xx.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Breeze Top Blog Tour

I'm so glad to be on this tour because it gave me a chance to sew for my niece, Evangelina, which it seems I haven't done in a really long time. I can't believe I'm sewing a tween pattern for my little niece! Before I start gushing on how pretty E is and how much she's grown, I need to let you know that this is the last day of the tour and the last day the coupon code will be valid in the Peaches and Peanuts Etsy shop for the Breeze Top Pattern. Get 25% off with the code BREEZETOUR  at checkout. Oh and this pattern was given to me for the purpose of making something pretty to present on the tour, but all opinions are my own. 

So let me start off by saying the design of this top is perfect for E. She's growing up and isn't so much into frills and ruffles anymore. She's starting to know what she likes and what she want to wear. For her its all about comfort. 

I used knit fabrics to make the Breeze top. The stripes are a left over from a previous project and the plain white, a discounted knit bedsheet. I actually walked around the house for about a week with the stripes in my hand saying if only I had a white jersey knit, only to look a the pile of newly aquired and discounted bedsheets to realize that I did have white jersey. 

The pattern was easy to put together and the step by step directions were well explained, I was able to put it together in an afternoon. I also like the fact that it was designed for the use of both woven and knit fabrics. 

Now tell me she isn't gorgeous! 

Don't be shy and visit the other stops on the tour, and go all the way to the end of this post because there's a patterns, and gift cards at the Ribbon Retreat!

Until next time, xx.
 Breeze Blog Tour Pic

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

2 New Patterns by Everything Your Mama Made & More!

I've been sewing a lot for myself lately and I must admit that its nice to have something new to wear once in a while. I had a chance to test the 2 newest patterns by Everything Your Mama Made & More! (affiliate link) and they're part of the Bundle Up put together by Pattern Revolution. Both patterns will be available at regular prince in the EYMM pattern shop in July.

First up is the Calla Lily Skirt available is sizes XS-5XL. The pattern also come with a long or short version (I made the long version) and three options for the waistband, simple elastic casing, regular yoga band and a fold over yoga band. I think this little number took me about 45 mintes to make including printing, taping up, and cutting. Love that its made of a knit and easy to wear with a t-shirt and flip flops, or it can be dresses up to wear on an evening out.

The Four Seasons Cardigan is my new best friend! The evenings get quite cool so its perfect for those late nights outside looking at stars.

There are different sleeve options to the pattern and also an optional hood. It also can be made duster length or waist length.I've even seen it made as a beach cover by one of my fellow testers. I'm not all that tall so I modified mine to be just in between to cover up the hips and butt, but not a full duster length to have the tail ends drag on the ground. 

This is not an official tour stop, in the Bundle Up Tour, just thought I'd give you extra reasons to want to Bundle Up, only 2 more days to take advantage of this sweet deal!

Enjoy the rest of the tour!
Until next time, xx.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bundle Up Blog Tour With Sis Boom's Jenny and Modkid's Hailey

Its the ladies' Budle Up, and time to get an amazing deal on all your pattern needs for your summer wardrobe. Want to get a hold of this amazing deal, you still can, the offer's good until June 27th, after that all patterns go back to reagular price. Want to Bundle up, click here!

Today I'll be showing off two pieces I made for myself with 2 of the patterns featured in the Bundle up sale. First up Jenny by Sis Boom!

Ha! you noticed that too, its a little long for me...but that's ok, I'll have to shorten it by the waist so I don't cut any of my print off, or wear high heels. I really wanted a floor sweeping maxi, its sweeping the floor alright! 

This is a light weight cotton that I've had in my stash for about 10 years. Yay for me for using something I had, but also, why did I wait so long to use it? 

What I love about this pattern, it fits, and its so easy to adjust. I never thought I would be able to make myself a dress like this without doing at least 2 or 3 muslins due to the fact that I have a larger bustline and a tiny enough waistline. 

Best of all, JubeJube said I looked beautiful in my new dress and she want's one too. 

Next up is Hailey by Modkid. This pattern can be made into a dess or tunic. Since I already had the Jenny dress I decided to make the Hailey by Modkid tunic length. The Hailey pattern was first introduced during the Girls' Bundle up a couple of months ago. I gave in a budled up to get some great deals on patterns for the girls and picked up the Hailey for JubeJube and Amelia. It was an instant hit!

I made a little modification to the pattern. Instead of rows of shirring under the bust line I made an elastic casing. I used a 1/4 inch elastic and I have no regrets to making that change. I'm loving the style of the kimono sleeves. Another fun thing about this pattern is that it can be made with either woven or knit fabrics.

Be sure to check out the other stops on the tour.

Until next time, xx.

PS. Thanks Pattern Revolution for getting the Bundle Up together!

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Sunday, June 22, 2014


For those who didn't know, I've been sewing for years! I say 20+ because I know I've owned my sewing machine for that long. This passion didn't start overnight, just walk into a store, buy a machine and pick up a liking for sewing.

When I was a toddler, my aunt, also my sewing mentor, would take me fabric shopping to make my clothes. I must have been the only toddler excited to be in a fabric store. I already knew what I wanted and my aunt could not sway me to change my mind. I had chosen pretty floral fabrics, tiny little flowers in dark colors and dress patterns with pinafores. The end result looked spectacular on me! Even back then I had a vintage style.

When I was a little older I learned a lot about hand sewing making clothes for my Barbies. My aunt had pruchased a couple of paper patterns to make Barbie and G.I. Joe clothes (because my brother needed a karate suit for his G.I. Joe, that he made by hand). I would say that was a perfect jumping off point, this helped me learn about grainlines and fabric placement, and patience.

I got my first sewing machine one Christmas, I was about 6 and the machine was a beautiful purple. I would shop for fabrics in my Grandmother's quilting stash. I remember that little room was wall to wall fabrics. I would make shoe bags for my friends.

The fun really began when I had my son, Sebas, almost 18 years ago. Store bought bibs, blankets, and bedding just didn't cut it in my books. They would shrink funny and the blankets were just too small, I decided I needed to make my own. Just about every article of clothing he wore was made by me including footed PJ's and diaper shirts. I love that he still lets me make his PJ pants today. Sabrina, my oldest daughter, lets me make clothes for her too. She knows how much work goes into it, and appreciates it.

My two babies, Julia (AKA JubeJube) and Amelia, are now able to choose their fabrics and decide on what buttons should be on the garment, and they flat out won't wear it if they haven't approved the fabric selection. I say they make pretty good selections too.

This is why I sew: to make things the way I want them, to make clothes that fit right, to make things pretty, to learn, to have fun, to get my children involved. I don't think there's a day that goes buy that I don't sit at my sewing machine or cut out fabric for a garment to be sewn.

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Share your sewing experience here...we'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, xx.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Bubble Dress a Design by StraightGrain

This is one of my favorite dresses. I had made it for JubeJube a couple of years back, and today I was able to put it on Amelia. She just felt like dressing up and letting me take pictures, better take it when I can because its not always easy to convince her. I'm in love with this design and I'll think that you agree that it suits Amelia to a tee!

I used the bubble dress pattern from the blog StraightGrain, and the fabric is a cotton designed by Verna Mosquera for Free Spirit, Pirouette. The button for the closure at the back is from my stash.

Just a little fun thing I did for the lining...Polka-dots!

Now back to Amelia wearing her hand-me-down dress from JubeJube.

Until next time, xx.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Mimi Pattern Blog Tour

I'm so very excited to be presenting my Mimi today! AND I'll be posting in French in honor of Mélanie, designer of the Mimi pattern and other beautiful patterns for Filles a Maman, and for one of my good friends Mélanie who is so glad that I post on my blog with a lot of photos because English is not her first language but she is always so encouraging with every project I take on...The English version will follow. Oh and please read to the end, there's a giveaway for a bundle of 5 patterns by Les Filles a Maman and also the links to the other stops on the Mimi Blog Tour.

Aujourd'hui je vous présente ma version de Mimi, un patron dessiner par Mélanie pour Filles a Maman PDF. A la toute fin du blog vous aller retrouver les autres arrêts sur la tourneée Mimi ainsi la chance de gagner 5 patrons de votre choix de la boutique etsy Filles a Maman.

Voici les détailles de Mimi, c'est un patron qui offre les grandeurs 12 mois a 14 ans,  une longueur robe, une longueur tunique, deux longueur de manches et un collet en option. Elle a été conçu pour les tissus extensibles.

Pour réaliser mon projet j'ai recycler un t-shirt blanc du papa a Amelia et j'ai choisi l'option tunique a manches courtes sans collet. J'avais déjà les boutons en bois dans ma collection.

Je voulais créer quel que chose d'original alors j'ai broder a la machine des fleurs et j'ai ajouter des boutons pour faire le centre de la fleur. Amelia adore son nouveau vêtement, le confort du t-shirt a papa le model que j'ai réaliser et ses fleurs que j'ai border juste pour elle. 

Vous pouvez faire l'achat de cet adorable patron dans le magasin etsy Filles a Maman. Utilisez le code MIMITOUR20 pour obtenir un rabais de 20% lors de votre achat. 

À la prochaine, xx.

****English version ****

Here are some of the details of the Mimi pattern, the sizes range from 12 months to 14 years, it offers a dress length, tunic length, and has two sleeve length options, it also has an optional collar. This pattern has been designed for knit fabrics.

For this project I used a t-shirt provided by Amelia's daddy, and some wood buttons that I had in my stash. I made the tunic length with short sleeves without the collar.

To create some interest I machine embroidered, the flowers and added wood buttons to the center of the flowers. Amelia loves her new tunic made with daddy's comfy t-shirt and the flowers I made especially for her.

To get your copy of the Mimi pattern visit  Filles a Maman's Esty Shop  and get 20% off the Mimi Pattern with the coupon code MIMITOUR20 at checkout.

For more inspiration be sure to vist the other stops on the Mimi blog tour!

Until next time, xx.

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tuxedo Dress a Design by Love Notions

This week I tested the new pattern from Love Notions, the Tuxedo Dress. This dress is cute, comfy and a quick sew, what's not to like about it. Its now also available in their Etsy shop, use the coupon code TUXEDO at checkout for a 15% discount, but only for a limited time.

This is a sweet a-line dress with a slight flare desinged for knit fabrics. The hem is to the knee and there are several sleeve options, and even some sideseam pockets. This pattern can be used to make sizes 6 months to size 14 girls.

And yup! We have a smile! Want to see more smiles from happy girls in their new dress, just  take a look at Fantima's blog, a fellow tester. You get more smiles and inspiration to sew up your own Tuxedo dress.

The last one is just because I can. Such a serious dreamy face!

Until next time, xx.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Knit Version of E+M Patterns' Boy's Shirt No.7 & Giveaway

I know some of you have been wondering if this pattern can be made with the knits...Well, yes it can! So here you have it, the knit version of Boy's Shirt Pattern No.7 by E+M Patterns. You'll want to read to the end because I have another giveaway with Rafflecopter. I also have the links to other amazing bloggers who have tested out Boy's Shirt No.7 by E+M Patterns.

I did change up a couple of things, but nothing in the construction of the garment. This is what I did...I used a bit of light interfacing at the top of the pocket where it folds down. It just gives the pocket a little more hold.

I also used a bit of twill tape at the hip vent openings, it just gives the fabric a little more body and make everything look nice a clean.

I decided to use snaps at the shoulders, but if you should use buttons make sure you use interfacing that is a little heavier and will give those button holes some stability. The last thing you need is for those button holes to stretch out and the buttons and making them just too big.

Here are the links to other blog posts for more inspiration. Enjoy! 

Time for a giveaway for a copy of  Boy's Shirt No.7 by E+M Patterns.

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Until next time, xx.