Thursday, July 12, 2018

Summer Lace Tour Featuring Tabitha by Love Notions

 Adding lace to Tabitha by Love Notions* (affiliate link) was by far the easiest thing to do since it was designed with a color block yoke and added hem or shirt tail. So instead of trying to come up with a clever hack to Tabitha I decided to sew up the pattern giving it two different looks.

The first look is a classic stripe with a stretch lace, both fabrics available at Club Tissus. This look is great for just about anywhere from the office to Sunday brunch.

This pattern has so many options to it that I could have made a different Tabitha for every day of the week. I opted for the boat neckline and yoke lace insert with an added lace hem.

The second look, a Mickey Mouse print makes fun loungewear or pyjamas. The red stretch lace adds just the right amount of girly to this top.

Girly enough for pillow fights and pedicures...

As usual from Love Notions, you can expect a great pattern, with layered printing, trimless tiles for quick assembly and great fit!

This was a fun little experiment, making the same top in different fabrics to change the look of a garment. I went from office to pyjama, but could also have done casual to dressed up. Try it some time!

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lace tour

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** All fabrics have been provided by Club Tissus. Take a look at their online store, quick and easy shipping is available across Canada!