Monday, March 16, 2020

The Toer Bag for Party Favours

So before all social distancing Amelia had a birthday party.  Steph at The Eli Monster had just come out with the most adorable boxy bag (that literally takes 15 minutes to make) and I was looking for something fun and fast to sew.

The biggest deal was finding the right fabric... it actually took longer than sewing all the bags up. It was my fault It was Amelia's fault, so indecisive! And really it's stash buster because you don't need more that a fat quarter to make the smaller ones and the biggest size, a fat quarter for the lining and one for the outside fabric. 

We adding a few fun girly things, chap stick, hair elastics, nail polish.... Easiest goody bag I ever put together, and NO candy! 

We added a little kraft paper tag with some twine and done! 

Just a funny side note, I can't believe being "stuck" at home with JubeJube and Amelia actually gave me time to write a blog post!

Until next time