Sunday, November 25, 2018

Jalie - Galaxie 2

I love this tradition that Jalie has started! Last year it was all about bags with Galaxie 1, all types of bags perfect for gift wrapping and gift giving. With Galaxie 2 you'll find the perfect kitchen accessorie for handmade gifts.

Get Galaxie 2 at 50% off until November 26, 2018 with the code GALAXIE2018 at checkout!

The first project from this pattern was the apron and headbands... in a JubeJube and Amelia size!

Some of the features on this fun apron, also available in adult sizes, include a generous front pocket (perfect for puting that recipe) and adjustable straps that slide through grommets.

Yeah, they're both looking at me wanting to bake some cookies...

Those headbands kept their hair out of their eyes and dare I mention away from the food. I can hear it now, Amelia asking me for every colour of the rainbow now that she knows how comfortable it is to wear.

Then length of the apron really offers good coverage to avoid spills and stains.

And yeah, Amelia wants another cookie, ha!

Until next time,