Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Wear to Where Tour Summer 2016

For this segment of Wear to Where, we're heading to the farmer's market. I sewed up an easy fitting dress in a light weight knit fabric, paired it with flat sandals and a burlap shopping tote. 

My pattern is Bluezette by Love Notions (affiliate link). I was wanting the maxi length but since I decided I was sewing from my stash I could only get the knee length in...which is fine because I do love the way it turned out. I'll most probably get a lot more wear out of it at knee length.

When I think farmer's market I think tons of gorgeous flowers and fresh produce on a hot sunny day. So we have a hot sunny day but too bad its a week day and the market is only open on weekends.

This is a no hassel look, just get up and go because you do want to get to the market early to be able to get back home early and start food prepping, and just take advantage of the afternoon. This dress is so comfortable to wear, and this pattern has so many options that you'll be able to have one for every day of the week and never feel like you're wearing the same thing twice.

Curious to see what outfit the Librairian For LIfe &Style put together for her trip to the farmer's market...got take a look a her post here!


Until next time, xx.

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Happy 2 Year Anniversary Sofilantjes

The first time I sewed and blogged about a pattern by Sofilantjes was exactly 2 years ago! Since then so many of us have enjoyed sewing up clothes with Anne's help and her beautiful patterns. Take a look at the first pattern, Summer Surprise, here. I can't believe how much JubeJube and Amelia have gown.

I also can't believe how many Sofilantjes (affiliate link) patterns I've sewn up in the past two years! The Omni Tempore, Otium, Amare, Nivalis...more Summer Surprise...and only to name a few!

When there's a celebration, there's also a giveaway, make sure to read all the way to the end and enter the rafflecopter giveaway...you might also want to take advantage of the coupon code "CELEBRATE" for 25% off at checkout!

This time I made the newest pattern, Solis. Amelia got a "by the book" version with a circle skirt. I sewed it up as is in the tutorial. JubeJube got the straight skirt with pleats because of the obvious horizontal lines in the fabric, with a bit of a hack. I braided the back straps. I started out with two straps and combined the fabric to finish off the strap as one braid, almost a racer back style.

I think the straight skirt with pleats works well with this horizonatl print.

Love how these patterns are a slim fit and the neckline comes up high enough.

Here's Amelia in her Solis dress with circle skirt, sewn up as in the tutorial.

The back view is what really attracted me to this pattern.

Wishing Anne and Sofilantjes the best anniversary, with many more to come...with many more patterns to keep us inspired and creating!

Don't forget to chekc out the other stops on this Second Anniversary tour...so many more patterns with so much inspirtations from a lot of talented ladies!

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A huge thank you to the sponsors for the giveaway!

Until next time, xx.

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Monday, May 16, 2016

One Thimble Issue No.11 Inspiration Tour

I can not get enough of the "Urban Jungle" Issue #11 of One Thimble (affiliate link)! My project list has grown by about a mile with all the sewing projects in this issue. 

So  glad to be once again part of the inspiration tour. I did get the e-zine without charge for the purpose of the tour and full review but all opinions are my own.

I started off with the with the Rainbow Wild Animal cross stitch zebra pattern by Hugs Are Fun. Instead of the suggested 14 count Aida I used an 18 count and instead of using 3 strands I was able to use only 2 strands. This slightly changed the size of my finished design but didn't distort the pattern in any way. My design was also able to fit in a smaller 6 inch hoop. You might have noticed there's not much of a rainbow showing with my version, let me show you what I did.

Take a closer look at my zebra's face...you'll notice a slight difference in color. I used a pastel rainbow blending filament with my white floss.

Depending on how the light hits the canvas you'll see a slight change in colour and a little bit of sparkle. I love the finished project even if it did take a lot more time than I first estimated. I thought maybe 10 hours or so, but after over 15 hours my zebra was done. I love how with every stitch you see your project come to life.

Now to tackle the tiger and giraffe!

The next project is the the Hoya Dress by Little Lizard King. I just knew Amelia would be a fan of those huge pockets. the size range is from 12 months to 12 years which is great because I know this is one of Amelia's favorite dress styles so I'll be getting so much use out of this pattern.

The fabric is from my stash, I've had it for some time but I thought it was just perfect for this dress. Amelia wanted yellow buttons but I was able to talk her in to selecting some blue buttons for this one.

This dress pattern has so many fun little details like, huge side pockets, optional button tabs on the shoulders, optional belt and belt hoops.

Amelia really loves her zebras.

This issue is so full of fun patterns and articles. One of the projects included is how to use freezer paper as a template...ummmm, I want to run out and get some freezer paper now! There's also some great tips on sewing knit fabrics even if you don't have a serger. And what about all those upcycle ideas with the before and after pics...ok, enough said, you have to check it out for yourself! So go ahead, get your copy here (affiliate link)!

The article that I really enjoyed was the marketing do's and don'ts. I feel article will be very helpfull to Etsy shop owners (like myself). So for those small business owners, that article is a must read!

Looking for more inspiration, just take a look at these other stops on this animal packed tour!

Until next time, xx.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Pattern Emporium Blog Tour

I haven't done outdoor minishoots for some time now, and while the weather is still cool in my neck of the woods it was just such a joy to be able to get these photos done in a fun location. JubeJube is such a trooper so at 10 degrees celsius tempurature (50 degrees fahrenheit) we were outside on an overcast day. 

I was in for a real treat with the PDF's from Pattern Emporium. This was the first time I used one of their patterns so using both the Kids Kaftan and Little Honeybuns Shorts I created this outfit for JubeJube. The instructions are so well explained with tons of options available on each pattern. I actually had a hard time deciding with all the options available!

For the top I used a quilter's weight cotton and the shorts are a stretch denim both I got from my local Fabricville store.

I used the keyhole option for the neckline and I made the top length (the length options available are; top, beach and dress length). I also used an elastic instead of the drawsting at the waist.

The shorts are available in 3 different lengths, I went with "play length" but there's the sporty length which is a tad shorter and the bermuda length which is to the knee. There are options for back appliqué pockets and tabs and all sorts of ideas for hacks included in the pattern tutorial.

I think we're about ready for a beach day! I know I can use some warm  hot sunny weather. Until then I'll be sewing up some more of those fun kaftans, I know Amelia was ouuuuhhhhing and awwwwing over it and can't wait to have one of her own.

Go vistit the other stops on the tour, so much to inspire you!

Until next time, xx.