Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Boys Can Wear Pink - Season 4

I've been aching to make a shirt for Sebas, my oldest. I've also been wanting to take photos of him, he hates the camera. Well I think I was able to have get my cake and eat it too. And to top it off, I got to sew from my fabric stash and use vintage buttons. What could be better... Oh yeah, he likes his pink shirt and he looks fabulous in it! 

Let's start by talking about the pattern. I used Burda 7045, a paper pattern. I've come to trust sizing with their patterns, after all I've been using Burda for so many years. The fit tends to be European, on the slim side, just what I needed. I used the style with front and back darts and the sport collar.

The fabric, funny enough has been in my stash for a couple of years. It was originally to make myself a shirt. So glad that didn't happen because this color just looks so great on Sebas. The fabric is a wonderful polyester with cotton bengaline, so its easy to care for. And I mentioned vintage buttons... I got them from a shop in Montreal when I was playing tourist with a friend visiting from BC. Most expensive buttons I've EVER put on a shirt, but they are just amazing... you can see them on my instagram post here!

So now, JubeJube and Amelia have been talking, since the beginning of the week, about Pink T-Shirt Day at school. The day that teachers and staff at school talk about being a friend and not the bully. And yes even the boys wear pink. So you can imagine how happy they were to see their big brother wear pink. We need to remove gender association to colors. We need to stop saying pink is for girls and blue is for boys. It's funny how other colors don't get that gender association... yellow, orange, green...

So there you have it, a pink shirt, with vintage buttons for my son.

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Monday, February 19, 2018

One Thimble No.18 - Full Review

I can never get enough of One Thimble! There's always a surprise waiting for us inside and this time in Issue No.18 (affiliate link) is no different.

One huge surprise for me is the Origami top, I'm wishing it came in my size! I haven't sewn it up yet, but just looking at the photographs in the magazine you can bet it's right up there on my list of want-to-make projects. I did however make the Ladies' Ballerina tie top by The Wolf and the Tree and the Linnden Tote by Annie Zorzo.

First thing about this pattern by The Wolf and the Tree, actually it should be true for any pattern, not just this pattern ... take your measurements and follow the chart. Don't let the size you come up with scare you if its bigger than what you would usually make because in the end it's only a number. The important thing is that it fits you the way you want and that you're comfortable wearing it. Sizing on this pattern in on point when following the size chart! 

The fabric was purchased in a little shop, just a 20 minute drive away, and there's always something to discover in this shop at a really great price! I can't be sure of the composition but there's probably some polyester, rayon and spandex. I can tell you that it's soft and cozy and I made sure I had at least 25% stretch to this lovely knit. I could have easily used a cotton lycra blend and it would have been as cozy. 

For the ties I decided against making them lined simply due to the fact that I was afraid the ties would be too heavy and add extra bulk where I didn't need it. 

And I seem to be noticing a trend here, I may like grey fabric just a little too much. The last three tops I made myself are grey, oh well! 

I also made the Linnden Tote. The fabric is from my stash, I've had it for a few years. It's a heavier upholstery fabric. This bag was meant to have leather, cork or vinyl accents, and straps but I didn't have leather to work with and I don't have a sewing machine strong enough for it either. I figured I should try it with all fabric to give others the inspiration to make without the leather accents if they so desired. 

The only thing I really regret not doing is putting interfacing in my straps. About the design; the tote is big enough, the bottom meausres 17.5 inches by 6 inches. It was designed without a lining but there is an interior  zipper pocket, perfect for a cell phone and small wallet. I think its the perfect shopping companion. I do wish there was an option to include a way to snap the bag at the top opening, and I think I'll put that on my next Linnden that I make. 

More things to sew! I have to make sure that JubeJube and Amelia don't get to see these photos because you know they'll ask me to make every single pattern! One of their favorite things is to dress up and well, dress up ballerina style and pretending to be a ballerina do go hand in hand and  there's nothing wrong with that but I can hear JubeJubes now,  "No Amelia, jeté not plié" and this before 7am!  

Besides all the patterns available in One Thimble No.18 you need to check out the articles... Some of you might know I love just about everything vintage, my favorite are vintage sewing machines. Bec Wood in her article, Not Made in China, tells us about her vintage love. 

Follow the rest of the tour for more sewing inspiration from One Thimble! 








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