Monday, July 13, 2015

Handmaiden's Cottage Swing Dress Sew-A-Long

Its time to start the Swing Dress sew-a-long! Here is a breakdown of all the steps needed to make this pretty little dress. For more fun join the Handmaiden's Cottage Pattern Group on facebook. If you haven't purchased your pattern you can get it now at 30% off when using the code "SEWHANDMAIDEN30" at checkout. This code is good for either the Etsy shop or the online store.

I tried breaking down each day so you would only have about an hours worth of work.
Here's a look at Day 1.

Just throw that fabric in the wash and get that pattern printed and taped up. Some of you may like to trace your pattern pieces so that you can keep the master copy ready for the next time you need your pattern. I did cut mine to the specific size I needed.

I would strongly suggest that you press your fabric to avoid pleats and creases.

Don't forget to join us in the pattern group on facebook to follow along!

Until next time, xx.

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