Thursday, March 23, 2017

Sewing Space Revamp

Some of you may remember seeing this blog post about my sewing room. This was way back in November 2013. Well it was time for a face lift. the old space started to feel crowded and unorganized.

The paint color hasn't changed and some of the furniture stayed. I kept Gorm (no longer available) from IKEA (the comparable is Hejne). Those shelving units are perfect for storing fabric and adding project baskets.

This revamp started with a trip to IKEA, who am I kidding, just about every home improvement or remodel starts with a trip there, right? I was just toying with the idea of a dream sewing room and changing out the desk that I had (my old kitchen table, no joke) with a brand new table top, then I saw that Klimpen (table legs with storage) was on liquidation. BUT I didn't buy everthing just then and there. Went home and drew my room on a piece of graph paper to make sure the new desk would fit. So off to IKEA again to buy the table and legs.

Those shelves were all Dan's idea, he said I just had too much stuff not to get shelves in here...Off to IKEA again? ummm yes.

I was pleased as punch when I realized that Antonius was a perfect fit under the desk. This is where I keep my threads, interfacing, velcro and snaps.

I have a small table, counter height, to cut on, but I also use the dining room table when the pattern pieces are just too big.

To the right of that table in back of the door are hooks that I use to hang my assembled patterns. This is the system that works best for me, I've tried keeping them in binders but I just got to the point where I couldn't see what I had.

And well this is the Wall 'O fabric. I'm working on getting my stash undercontrol. The only thing missing in this room I would say is a closet to hide the ugly, like the fabric up on the top self.

Hope you enjoyed the tour! 

Until next time, xx


  1. It looks amazing! I love your shelves and those buckets on the bottom as well holding all the pens? I want to get mine up!

  2. Oh I like it! I need to redo the craft room I share with the girls :) I think I need more shelves and some of those bucket things. (I've got the rods for them but not the buckets, ha) And a new table would be good :) and that antonius.... Come redo my room for me!