Thursday, January 24, 2019

Discovering StickerYou

Ever since I ran out of my satin labels that I got printed what seems like ages ago, I've been searching for an alternative without having to order so many labels at once. Then got an email from StickerYou, had a look at the website and well, let me tell you what I found!

Since I started working outside the home I have a lot less time for sewing and custom orders, so that means I don't need to order so many labels all at once. I just don't want to be stuck with more satin labels for the next few years and I was also considering changing the look of them. 

I love the natural look of cotton twill tape but the price of those labels is almost through the roof, not to mention I can't find any Canadian companies to print them. 

Looking over the StickerYou website I saw they make custom stickers, iron-ons, tattoos, window decals, magnets... oh my! So I ordered and about a week later I got this envelope that expressed as much excitment as I was feeling to get my order! 

I ordered some iron-ons to fit on a wide twill tape I had on had and some stickers, all custom made with my logo.

The iron-ons went on so nicely, I didn't have to put too much heat on them to get them to adhere to the cotton.

These label iron-ons would be great for children's clothing at camp or a small business because them seems that resistant, no itchy tags and so easy to apply.

I also ordered some stickers.
You can easily change the size to make it much bigger and get a custom die cut sticker!

Such a cute way to finish off packaging!
I also want to mention that these stickers are viny! They are so resistant and I was able to remove the stitcker without damage to the paper or ripping the sticker and yes I was able to reposistion it and it stayed put!

Final words:
will I order again? Indeed I will. StickerYou based in Toronto knocked my socks off. I was really impressed with how easy the website was to navigate, customize my sticker and iron-on (or what ever product I may need) and the speed at which I received my order.

Until next time,

Disclaimer : I received a free sample of the Sticker You product in exchange for a review but all ideas and opinions are my own!