Wednesday, April 30, 2014

EYMM Mommy and Me Blog Tour

JubeJube is all about mommy and me thanks to TV advertising Mother's Day. She was all about giving hugs and it didn't take much convincing to get her to take pictures with me for this special  blog post. I was able to use the newest pattern from Everything Your Mama Made & More, (affiliate link) the California dress and peplum. The child sizes (newborn to tween 18) is only available right now as the bundle up promotion put together through Pattern Revolution (click here for more info!) and the women's sizes (XS- 5XL) have yet to be released but it shouldn't be long now.

JubeJube got the peplum made from a cotton linen blend jersey knit in a solid color.

I added a little embelishment at the waistline to fancy it up a bit.

I went way out of my usual comfort zone and made myself the ankle length dress.

I've decided that this is my go-to-pattern for a comfy dress with style.

A quick view of the back neckline (which can also be switched around worn in the front to make it look like a halter), the child's version is made the same way. 

Saved the sweetest image for last. 


Even if the pattern is not yet available as a bundle there are other great mommy and me pattern bundles available, just go check them out at Everything Your Mama Made & More!  You can also go check out PiePie Designs to see her take on the mommy and me Dolman Top.

Until next time, xx.

EYMM Pattern Tour

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  1. These are great! I might have to make myself one. I'd love for you to link this up with Tuesday Sews at PiePie Designs!

    1. You got it! I am in lurve with this dress! You will have to make yourself a couple ;)

    2. I will for sure! I'm short too and tend to not wear long dresses/skirts, but you totally pull this off!

  2. I really love the peplum style of this pattern. The ankle length dress looks great on you! So comfy yet stylish. Love crotchless yoga pants haha

    1. OMG, you're so right about the yoga pants! I'm for sure making myself a couple more of these dresses!