Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hip Pockets with Piping Detail

Adding a Hip Pocket and Piping to Girls Skirt Pattern No.5 by E+M Patterns.

You will need:
Pattern /tutorial that you can purchase here.
Fabric requirements, plus a little extra for the pockets (a about 10 inches), and any other material on the list in the tutorial.
1 package premade piping.
1 hip pocket pattern piece or you can draft your own.
zipper foot for your sewing machine.

First cut out the skirt and the waistband using the dimensions given in the tutorial  by E+M

Now we're going to cut out the pockets. I used the same pockets that you can find in the Children's Pants pattern by E+M Patterns. It just makes it a lot easier and faster when you don't have to draft it, but this piece would be easy enough to create. Do remember that the top of the waist must remain straight and that the side seams are also straight.

***Also remember to check the height of the tucks that will be formed on the skirt ( if you're making the skirt with tucks). You may have to adjust the height of the pocket to make sure it doesn't get in the way of making the tucks.

Cut out the opening just on the front of the skirt using your pattern piece.

The pocket lining is on the left and the pocket yoke is on the right. Cut 2 of each mirror image.

Then cut out 2 pocket linings and 2 pocket yokes.

Start by basting the piping to the front on the skirt. This is where the zipper foot comes in handy, it allows you to really get close to the piping.

Now lay the pocket lining over the skirt front and piping with wrong sides together matching the curve of the pocket opening, and again using the zipper foot to stitch as close as can be to the piping.

Clip seam allowance without cutting through the stitching. This will allow for an nice curved finish to the pocket opening.

Flip over the pocket, press and you can even topstitch along the curved pocket opening.

Match the pocket yoke to the lining and stitch along where you see I have a blue dotted line. You can then finish your seam off with a serger or zigzag stitch on a regular machine.

Baste a few stitches at the top waistline and at the side seam to keep the pocket in place. The skirt front can now be sewn to the skirt back.

For the waist band, I didn't want to have the piping go all the way around. It would just get too bulky with the elastic casing. Sew the piping to the front waistband and then sew the front to the back waistband at the side seams.

Baste skirt at waistline to be able to gather skirt to have it fit in the waistband matching up the side seams. Stitch skirt into place.

Continue sewing as indicated in the tutorial, Girls Skirt Pattern No.5 by E+M Patterns. 

Until next time, xx. 

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  1. What an adorable skirt. I love the piping and pockets. Great tutorial!