Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Trendy Tunic a Design by Love Notions

I spend most of my evening sewing while the girls are in bed. Most mornings they will wake up to a new outfit on the mannequin. Some mornings it will be a fight as to who gets the outfit and well it also happens that neither of them like what I've sewn up. The evening I spent sewing up the Trendy Tunic by Love Notions (pick up their pattern in their Craftsy shop or Etsy shop) I kept saying to myself that Amelia will be so comfy in this tunic with a pair of happens when she saw it that she wanted no part of it...(so sad!) When Julia saw it, her face lit up and asked if it was for her...."please, please, pretty please, is it for me!"

Julia loves everything about this little number, the length, the shape, the sleeve. She says its comfortable to play in!

She loves those pockets too...big enough to hide her favorite toys.

What I love about this PDF, besides the fact that it makes JubeJube easy it was to put together and how easy the tutorial was to follow!

Until next time, xx.

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  1. Thank you for the sweet review! Your tunic turned out almost as adorable as your daughter. <3