Monday, May 26, 2014

Backyard Space Revamp

This is not my usual post about sewing, but I like to blog about making life prettier. That's exactly what I did with my sister today...made a backyard space a little prettier.

Tanya and I started out with a pretty sad looking space.

So yes, some green but no real color besides a few dandelions...bright side, all that green will soon be daisies! 

We spent the morning shopping for flowers that required full sun, some herbs for the soon-to-be herb garden, and pillows for the chairs. We had all the pots and we needed that the little bistro table was already there. 

Love all the pretty colors we chose...and the herb garden...smells so fresh.

A little oregano, parsley, dill and basil. We put the mint in its own pot since it tends to spread fast. 

While some worked hard to get this space together...
Other's had snacks.

We were able to repurpose this little table for the potted mint and chives.

The space is coming together!

Comfy pillows to finish it all off.

I'll take some photos in a few weeks when the tomato plants have started to grow and the daisies have bloomed, its going to be even prettier!

Until next time, xx.


  1. Love it! The pillow is so pretty and the herbs look delicious. The little supervisor did a great job supervising and eating her snacks. :)

  2. Nice! Come do my backyard now! :p