Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Day 2 of Piper Summer Romper Sew Along

So yesterday (Day 1) we got everything we needed ready for cutting. Our pattern is printed and traced to the right size or cut out (depending on how you like to do things), fabrics all washed and pressed, and we have all the notions we need like elastics, piping, buttons, snaps and other embelishments.

Day 2, we're ready to cut fabrics and get out pieces ready for interfacing...there are a few pieces that need interfacing and I stongly recommend it. Interfacing just helps make everything crisp and clean and gives light weight fabric a little extra support, it also helps when making buttonholes. For those making the option with a snap crotch, please read to the end, there are a couple of extra pieces for you to cut for being able to add the snaps!

Here are  few tips when cutting:
  1. Fold your fabrics with salvage edges together.
  2. If you have a directional fabric, place your pieces to be cut in the right direction, it would be kind of sad to have my little bistro sets upside down.
  3. Take your time if you have to match up a print or plaid, when everything matches up it just makes everything look prettier and more professional.

I like to place all my pieces first to make sure I have enough fabric for the porject, sometimes pieces are a tight fit. These are all the pieces that need to be cut out in the main fabric. Please note that when cutting your fabrics, they should be folded with right sides together with salvage edges together, but I wanted to really show the pattern pieces and they would not have been very visible on the wrong side of the fabric.

For those adding snaps to the crotch you also need to cut out 2 pieces of about 2 inches by 3 inches.

Now on to the pockets. Seeing that I went with a fabric that has a framed out image, I'll have to play around with fabric placement to get the pocket the way I want it. 

Seeing that the picket is in two pieces and I don't want to cut my image I removed the seam allowances for the top and bottom part of the pocket so it won't be too long compared to the shorts (image 2), then played around with my pocket pattern piece to make sure I have the image that I want. If you want to do the same just make sure you remember that the top part of the pocket will the folded over. 

Here I have an idea what the finished pocket will look like.

My interfacing pieces are cut out and ready to be applied. Please follow manufactuers instructions for applying interfacing. Don't forget to add interfacing to the  pieces needed for the snaps at the crotch.

You may notice that the red I had originally planed is not to be seen...Amelia had a bit of a melt down at the thought of having red on her romper, and since I do want her to wear it I better make it the way she likes it.

Interfacing applied!

Last step for the day...Marking pocket placement! Use your pattern piece to mark pockets with tailor's chalk or washable fabric pen on the back piece of the shorts. 

See you back here tomorrow, we'll be sewing up the bodice! Still time to join in the fun, you can still pick up your copy of the pattern for 25% fo the regular price in the My Little Plumcake Etsy shop!

Until next time, xx.

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