Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day 3 Piper Summer Romper Sew Along

Its Day 3 of our sew along, and its time to start up those sewing machines! Today we'll be sewing up the bodice. Just incase you missed it Day 1 (click here) and for Day 2 (click here). Very quick recap, you can still get your pattern at 25% off regular price in the My Little Plumcakes Etsy shop, and you can also ask to join the My Little Plumcake facebook group to share your creations and have a chance to win 2 FREE patterns by My Litttle Plumcake and a set of 4 fat quarters.

I haven't decided if I was going to just tie the straps at the back of the neck or if I was doing buttons, if you're in the same boat buttonholes can always be made at the end. So for now I got my straps sewn up and top stitched the edges at 1/8 from the edge.

You don't need to top stitch, I do it because I like it, but I must admit that it does add strength and durability to your garment. 

I finished the bottom raw edges of the optional ruffles with my serger, making a rolled hem. You could also just fold over the raw edge 1/4 inch and then another 1/4 inch, press and top stitch. I then made a long stitch on each separate ruffle to be able to gather the ruffles

Evenly distribute your ruffles laying them on the front bodice pieces. Make sure you line up you pieces along the top. Once your happy with your ruffle distribution machine baste all 3 layers. Don't forget, this romper will be made the way you want it, if you feel two ruffles is too much, just take one off!

Take your top panel and stitch it to the bodice with right sides together.

Any extra bulk that you can trim to make a nicer finish go ahead, just be careful not to cut your stitching. Triming seam allowances makes those seams flater and easier to top stitch.

Time to add those straps, measure out 3/8 of an inch (your seam allowance) from the front edge where the bodice starts to curve for the arms, pin and I also like to machine baste.

The lining has been finished off at the bottom by turning over 1/4 inch and again 1/4 and top stitched, now place it so that it lines up with the arm openings and the top edge of you bodice. Stitch from one end to the other, don't stitch down those side seams or you won't be to add the back bodice. 

Trim seam allowances and clip that curve without cutting the stitching. When curves are clipped its easier to turn right side out and achieve a nice smooth finish.

Turn right side out and press. Don't top stitch just yet, we need to sew the back bodice to the front bodice.

For those of you that like to add labels now is the time to do it. I like to write on the underside what size I made and what pattern I used.

Stitch your casing, insert the elastic. I stitched the other end of the elastic to secure it in place. I didn't stitch the second end right away. 

Sew up only one side seam, the side that the elastic has be secured into place.
I know some of you sew while the kiddos are in bed or when they're at school, but if you can now would be a good time to try it on to see if the elastic needs adjusting. When adjustments have been made, if needed, you can then secure the other end of the elastic and stitch up the second side seam. Finish off seam allowances with a zigzag stitch or serger. 

Top stitch if you'd like the arm openings and across the front. The top half is now done!

Here is the back view. 

Tomorrow, pockets and shorts...I'll also explain how to finish off the crotch to be able to put snaps for easy diaper change.

Until next time, xx.

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