Monday, January 13, 2014

Bow Twirl Dress by Whimsy Couture

Many pattern designers are making me crave Spring/Summer with their new designs including Whimsy Couture with the revamp of the Bow Twirl Dress. I'm so happy that revamp also means me getting to test it out! This one was made for Amelia.

Every once in a while its nice to come across a pattern  with no pieces to print. Measure out the dimesions needed and cut out in a straight line, get to the sewing machine a just sew. The Bow Twirl pattern features a shirred bodice (you can find a short tutorial on shirring here) and a bow that can be worn in the front or back. I had Amelia model it with the bow in the back for fear that she would undo the bow (because she will do that). Measurements are also given to make it as a top, so fun for the summer, right?

I used Riley Blake's Verona by Emily Taylor. There's the bow from the back and as you can see the length of the dress is just to the knee. 

And one more because I just can't get enough of this face :)

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