Friday, April 4, 2014

Rose By Any Other Name

You've seen a lot of pattern reviews ans testings on my blog, but I also make custom orders. I actually jump at the chance to make something personalized especailly for a sweet little Rose. I suggested an over-sized hooded towel with a set of washies.

I used a fabric collection called Pirouette designed by Verna Mosquera for Free Spirits.

The towel is 36 inches by 36 inches (90cm X90cm) nice and big so that is can be used for years to come. The hood is layered with terry cloth and the cotton print fabric has been embroidered by machine with a simple satin stitch. Everything has been trimed out with bias tape for extra durability. I also pre-wash all my fabrics so they don't shrink and get all out of shape after one wash.

I cut out 7 inch squares to make the washies, they've all been lined with terry cloth. I used a variety of pirnts from the fabric collection just for fun, I love seeing the mix of these prints together. These washies are the perfect size for washing a little face after a meal (store in a wet bag for eco-friendly solutions for on the go).

I hope this makes bath time a little more enjoyable!

Until next time, xx.

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