Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bedroom Redo for Little Girls on a Budget

This post first appeared on July 3, 2014 as a guest post on GYCT, and I thought it might be nice to share it here....

I'm so glad to be part of the Sizzlin' Summer Series that GYCT has organized. I'm going to show you how I organized my two preschoolers in their bedroom with a tiny closet for them to share. I thought that now would be the prefect time to redo Julia's and Amelia's bedroom seeing that Amelia is out of her crib and Julia is going to start kindergarten in the fall. I wanted to give them a real little girly room that they could grown into.

Every time I walked by their room I hated seeing the mismatched bedding and bare walls. Here's a quick look of what I started with.  

This was an easy little project for this room because I  pretty much started with a blank slate. The room had already been painted a creamy off white. The beds (from IKEA) had been assembled and stained an espresso brown, and the two dressers that I got for 50.00$ for both (what a deal!) where sanded and painted a bubble gum pink.

To keep my project on track and on budget I like to use lists, so I put this one together as a printable that I could just print out any time I wanted to... 

And I'm sharing it with you so if you'd like to try it out with your next project you can download it and save it and print it out...If you want to share it, please share the link and not your downloaded version to share as your own.

Now to do something about the bedding! Off to IKEA (one of my favorite places to go) to get some inspiration. Not only did I find inspiration by I found a king size duvet cover on liquidation for 14.99$. A king size duvet when cut in two fits perfectly for twin beds. Found the white was a little too white so I soaked the pillow shams and duvet cover in tea for about 20 minutes. I found quilts for the foot of the bed at another store for 5.98$ each. 

The letters for their names are just simple wood letters I found at a craft store for 1.47$ a piece. I painted them and used rubber stamps to add some interest to the letters.

I also found some images tucked away that were my grandmothers and decided they neede to come out of the box.

And now for that closet! I got what I didn't need out of there. I decided that I wanted to stick with one closet pole, two of them would be fun I could hang JubeJube's on one pole and Amelia would get the other, but in the end I needed shelving more that pole space. To keep the clothes organized I put everything that belongs to JubeJube on the pink hangers and blue was for Amelia. I found some great under the bed storage containers for the off season clothes to reduce the amount of stuff in that tiny closet, and added some baskets to put on the closet shelves to store extra sheets and blankets.

I still haven't decided on the window treatment, but who knows I might find this amazing deal.

Until next time, xx.

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