Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Lily by Frocks & Frolics Sew-a-Long Day 2

We're starting day 2 of the Lily sew-a-long, be sure to join us in the sewing group on facebook for more fun and sharing! You've selected the size and options you'll be using to make your Lily, and you're just about ready to cut into that fabric...

This is a little check list I like to go through before I start cutting my fabric:

  • Make sure my pieces are all on the straight grain of the fabric.
  • If I'm using a directional fabric, make sure everything is right side up...it would be a shame if my characters were all on their heads and upside down.
  • Make sure that all my pattern pieces fit on to the fabric and that I didn't forget any pattern pieces.
  • As much as possible I have my prints line up, like stripes or big flowers (take a look at this post here on how I get my prints to line up)
Once all your pieces are cut out you need to transfer the markings from the paper pieces to the wrong side of the fabric:
  • Center front of bodice at the neckline
  • Box pleat markings
  • Center front of lining ar the neckline
  • Markings at center back if you're making the version with button closure at the back.
All these markings will help you make beautiful box pleats and  sew your pieces together so they match up as perfectly as they can.

Now a days a lot of us use fabric pens (most a water soluble), some will use tailors chalk. I still go old school and mark my patterns using needle and thread especially when there's a lot of details like pleats and darts. 

Come back tomorrow when we start to sew! I have a few more tips and tricks to share too! If you haven't started its not to late to join in on the fun, grab your pattern at a discount in the Etsy shop using the code "LILYROCKS" for 25% at checkout.

Until next time, xx.

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