Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Pattern Emporium Blog Tour

I haven't done outdoor minishoots for some time now, and while the weather is still cool in my neck of the woods it was just such a joy to be able to get these photos done in a fun location. JubeJube is such a trooper so at 10 degrees celsius tempurature (50 degrees fahrenheit) we were outside on an overcast day. 

I was in for a real treat with the PDF's from Pattern Emporium. This was the first time I used one of their patterns so using both the Kids Kaftan and Little Honeybuns Shorts I created this outfit for JubeJube. The instructions are so well explained with tons of options available on each pattern. I actually had a hard time deciding with all the options available!

For the top I used a quilter's weight cotton and the shorts are a stretch denim both I got from my local Fabricville store.

I used the keyhole option for the neckline and I made the top length (the length options available are; top, beach and dress length). I also used an elastic instead of the drawsting at the waist.

The shorts are available in 3 different lengths, I went with "play length" but there's the sporty length which is a tad shorter and the bermuda length which is to the knee. There are options for back appliqué pockets and tabs and all sorts of ideas for hacks included in the pattern tutorial.

I think we're about ready for a beach day! I know I can use some warm  hot sunny weather. Until then I'll be sewing up some more of those fun kaftans, I know Amelia was ouuuuhhhhing and awwwwing over it and can't wait to have one of her own.

Go vistit the other stops on the tour, so much to inspire you!

Until next time, xx.


  1. Wow! That's a gorgeous outfit! I have been tempted to try that caftan for my girl (and I!) ever since I saw it.

  2. Fabulous outfit, gorgeous pics & a great read!