Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sandy's Beach Bag by the Handmaiden's Cottage

So off AGAIN to the beach...I can't complain. I've been making my way so oftern to the sand and sun this summer that I don't want it to end! The joys of my job!

This time its all about a beach bag, Sandy's Beach bag from the Handmaiden's Cottage.

I used a beautiful canvas for this one. The shape of the bag is pretty basic with a flat bottom, but all the details that have been added like the outer and inside pockets, the loops for the drawsting and all the top stitching make this bag so stylish and durable.

Clear instructions on bar tracks and top stitching to create this beautiful bag are in the tutorial along with step-by-step photos.

And look at those fun loops at the top of the bag opening for the drawstring.

So I've fit 3 beach towels, my book, sun glasses and a couple of water bottles in my bag, and we're ready to go!

Ok, kids are looking at me asking if I'm ready to go to the beach! Summer isn't over, you still have time to make your own!

Until next time, xx

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