Friday, September 8, 2017

Jenny by SisBoom

I've made Jenny by SisBoom before...a few years ago. I remembered how easy it was to get a nice fit even with a larger bustline. This dress started off as a muslin, it was simply to see if I needed to make any additional changes to get that perfect fit.

I knew my muslin would still be a wearable dress so I looked in my fabric stash and saw Color Brigade by Jennifer Paganelli calling my name "over here, choose me!" AND I really wanted a pretty floral dress. The type of dress you can dress up with some pretty accessories or slip on a pair of flip flops, tie up your hair and go and still look put together.

I started reading and measuring, printed the right size for me and started cutting my fabric. I didn't follow the instructions to assemble exactly, but the end result was the same, a well fitted dress!

This is the inside of my dress, and yes I needed a little extra fabric for the lining, but since it doesn't show I took a little bit of "Good Company" to finish it off. My zipper tape is enclosed between the lining and the main bodice which meant a little hand sewing, and I finished off the lower edge of the bodice lining with a bias tape. Those were the little changes I made.

Making clothes for me is a little bit harder since I have a lot of adjustments to make. I'm always making a full bust adjustment (FBA), but this pattern has it all figured out for you.

So now wish me luck, I'm about to start the "real" dress. Its actually the bridesmaid dress I'll be wearing in less than 10 days at my sister's wedding!

Until next time, xx.

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